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    Is the ATD for Atlanta March 19th-23rd cancelled??


    The website doesn’t say anything and registration is still active. Have you received any word there might be a cancellation?


    An event the week after is postponed. Haven’t heard word about this one. However they shut down all schools yesterday. So im waiting to get the official word from somebody


    @Ttrumble any word on the ATD event?


    Hello Destined4ownership,

    We have JUST received word (10:45 am on March 13th) that the Atlanta event is now postponed.

    We only received word from state officials in North Carolina last night that we would not be able to conduct our Achieve the Dream event in the Raleigh Convention Center March 26-29. Raleigh appears to be the “epicenter” for Coronavirus cases in North Carolina, with all but two in the immediate Raleigh area.

    For now, our Charlotte event is still on, but that could change at any moment. Please continue to follow this page, NACA’s social media sites and for the latest information.

    Tim Trumble
    Online Operations, NACA


    @TTrumble, is the Savannah,GA event still taking place currently? Its scheduled for March 11-15th. I want to make the drive tomorrow but do not want to if they cancelled it already. I’m not sure who I could call to see if its currently taking place



    Just got back home from Savannah event. Very small crowd. I got there around noon.

    It is still going on as scheduled. I definitely recommend going there instead of Atlanta if possible.

    My drive was 4 hours from North metro Atlanta area. Was there for about 7 hours total. But I got approved!!!

    Good luck!!!


    Hello StayingFaithful,

    Congratulations! Yes, the Savannah event is still underway and will continue through tomorrow as originally planned. There have been no cases of Coronavirus in the Savannah area, and the only suspected case turned out to test negative, so it’s full steam ahead through tomorrow.

    The crowd has indeed been light (gee I wonder why 😛 ) but we actually have been able to do a surprisingly large number of approvals here. If you are within driving distance of Savannah, it would be a very wise move to come here tomorrow. From Atlanta, Augusta, Jacksonville, Charleston and even Charlotte, it’s not a bad drive at all.

    Tim Trumble
    Online Operations, NACA

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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