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    So I had my appraisal on 12/16/19, how long does it typically take to see it on the web file?


    Mine was available within a day or two.


    For me this is how it went down:
    – Received email on 10/05 that appraisal was done.
    – According to the report, it was done 10/03.
    – Asked MC on 10/07 if he could send us the appraisal as we could not see it in the web file yet. Emailed it same day, and it appraised for just over the purchase price, thankfully!

    If it does not show up in your webfile, ask your MC if they can see it and to send it over. A hard copy also will be mailed out to you, but that could take over a week to arrive.


    My appraisal was completed 11/8/19, the PDF was generated 11/10/19 and I received an email on 11/12/19 that it had been uploaded to my NACA file. I was out of the country 11/1/19-11/11/19 but the physical copy was in my mailbox when I returned.

    My bank app wasn’t even done at this point so Id say the process was extremely quick.


    Thanks for the updates, my appraisal was done Monday the 16th in the morning, I called yesterday and was able to receive a update from BOA saying they received the appraisal and is under review and expected to be sent on 12/23, I did not expect it to take that long, thought it was upto 48 hours


    @firmeh89 my appraisal was done on the 6th, wasn’t uploaded to my file until the 16th now I’m in line for UW for CTC. This waiting is frustrating


    I finally got it after calling MP and them sending a message to BOA, now waiting on conditions or any change, been in pre-decision for over a week since signing bank app. Good luck to you @msm407

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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