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    Just went to check my web file, my status has been at approved-outstanding conditions for the last two weeks, when I just checked it went back to “Application”. Isn’t that going backwards? Seems to me like there might be a problem??


    As I said on the other post, it likely is nothing to worry about. Right before I got my UW – CTC status ours seemingly went backwards.

    It just means someone is in there looking at your file, manually changing things. In all likelihood this is actually a good thing, I’ve seen this same type of thing before on here. It means they are reviewing your file right now, think of it that way. You will likely get a new status pretty soon. And hopefully it is a CTC!


    Yeah. So the status is a manual update from a drop down menu. In some cases the status has multiple meanings in others it’s a mistake by the person updating your status. The ONLY situation in which your status would actually go backwards is if something were to happen to cause you to be denied such as losing your job in which case you would not just get a status update you would actually get every sort of communication possible.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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