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    I was due to close last Wednesday and have already had three inspections done. Last one failed once again which was performed on Monday. I’ve been trying to get in contact with the HAND Department to discuss what is needed in order to pass and finally close but each time I call of course my rehab specialist is never available to answer the phone. Left voicemails and even tried to speak with a customer service rep but the call is always forwarded to member services. When it’s forwarded the call always drops once I’m next in line.

    Has anyone else had similar issues? I even sent out an email, as well as CC’d three others hoping to get some form of communication going, and yet again no response.


    They are closed due to a COVID19 emergency.

    From what I heard, they are transitioning to remote work. Continue to email

    I’m currently trying to get my rehab started, but can’t right now.


    Is there a recent shut down because I know last week they were up and running.

    @Trumble can you confirm?


    They haven’t stated explicitly, but someone may have tested for COVID recently. I received an out of office reply from the HAND director, stating that they are sanitizing their offices.

    There is an Official NACA Group, where NACA posted instructions of how to reach HAND.

    It includes email, putting your naca id in the subject line and in the body of the email include your bank submission date and request for follow-up. They *should* follow up within 72 hours. They are prioritizing by bank application date.


    Hello all,

    Both HAND and our San Antonio office have been closed for several days to a COVID-19 related situation. We have been in the process of transitioning those staff members to a work-at-home scenario. However, some staff members, such as those who already have company-issued laptops, are able to transition easily, but the large majority of them rely on their desktop systems in the office, so we are having to provide secure laptops for them, which is obviously taking longer.

    Many HAND reps should be online from home today, and they’ll be playing catch-up for a few days, but you should be able to reach them by e-mail. DO NOT call the HAND department during this time, as the phone is automatically rolling over to Member Services, which is already dealing with huge wait times as most local offices are forwarding on to there as well.

    If I know the HAND team, they’ll probably be working all weekend to get caught up, even though this is the first weekend in seven weeks without a virtual ATD event. So for now, hang in there and the HAND team will be back to full steam very soon.

    Tim Trumble
    Online Operations, NACA


    Thanks Ttrumble. I appreciate the update and the details.


    How can I find out my RS email? I am supposed to be working with Mr. Gracia, but I haven’t heard anything from him. I have my repair list, but am needing information on a few waiver requests AND my final inspections are the beginning of next week.

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