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    I’m already an enrolled NACA member but I plan on attending the American Dream Event (Home Purchase)this weekend in Tallahassee. Hopefully this will move me further ahead in the process or at least get an underwriters thoughts on my file. Has anyone attended this event and if so how was it?


    I attended in Atlanta a few weeks ago… It was a nightmare! The volunteers working are not very helpful and were very rude(in my opinion) I kept trying to explain to them that I didn’t need to start the process from scratch, i.e. sit at a phone pod to have documents scanned and speak to a counselor via telephone. But that’s where I ended up! Try and get there before 8, beat the line and hopefully track down an actual NACA employee that can get you where you really need to go, you really want to try and get a face to face with a MC there… I left there in no better shape than when I got there! Be prepared to spend all day no matter how early you arrive! and if you can reach your MC prior to the event and know that they’ll be there, try and get an actual appointment to see your MC at the event.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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