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    @Pearl105 you can see the status by clicking where it says “Lender Conditions

    the “N/A” status just means that your file will soon change to another status, in my experience, I would get the “N/A” status when my CC would send my file to the lender for review, after the lender would check it, then the status would usually go back to C&I Approved and I would get a new lender condition


    I am hoping since BOA last communicated update today was DOR 12/14 there are no more conditions. They also did verbal VOE last Friday. I’m hoping to at least get a ctc Thursday or Friday because seller is ready to walk


    @homewoner2018 that’s a good sign, especially since the VOE has been done. They should be preparing the closing documents now. You said your seller is ready to walk. How long have you been in closing?


    In contract since 10/26 appraisal took 3 weeks, cc was out for 2 weeks but did what she could. This has been crazy!


    @homeowner2018 Did you estimate a 45-day closing or a 60-day closing? When was your bank application submitted? That is strange that the appraisal took so long. If you included a 60-day closing in your contract then I think you’ll make it. You’re so close at this point, so I hope the seller does not walk. It would mean they would have to start over completely and winter isn’t exactly peak real estate season, so I don’t think they’d be wise to do that.

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    We actually submitted a 30-day contract. BOA dropped the ball with the appraisal that was ordered since 11/12/2018. During this time, my cc was out on vacation as well so others were working on my file but BOA HAS NOT BEEN a pleasure to work with what so ever! A rush was placed on my file Thursday after the selling agent got involved. So now my concern is that they are currently at DOR 12/14 but I still do not have a CD or a CTC?


    Hey all, Just wanted to provide an update… I was worried all day about not getting the closing Disclosure today and not being able to close on Friday…

    At 5:10pm EST I received an email alerting me I would be receiving a DOCUSIGN that needed to be completed by 11:59pm.

    At 5:28pm I received my Closing Disclosure!!!! No surprises the amount was exactly (give or take a few hundred bucks) what I was expecting to bring to the table.

    I will update as things happens but as of now it looks like I’m closing on 12/14!


    Congratulations @Pearl609!


    So I see some movement not sure what to expect. My status changed from n/a back to C & I approved.


    Update:lender asked for something I never seen in the forums- BOA wanted a loe with me stating the repairs were done to my satisfaction. I provided it but would hand clearance not have sufficed?


    @homeowner2018 that is a bit strange. I would have though Hand clearance would have sufficed. Strange…but hey, whatever keeps the process moving, right? Next step should be Underwriting CTC and the CTC-Final.


    Ok at least I am not going crazy that is usually a letter provided with a normal mortgage process. But anywho moving along! I’m just glad to see something is happening


    You’re not going crazy! Whatever they need to keep the process moving whether it’s one LOE or 10. lol πŸ™‚


    Tim please tell me you are able to shed some light here πŸ™ still no CTC or CD received. The selling agent gave us a final extension last Thursday as the CC told her to give it 8 days welp here we are day 6 and no closing in sight. I have no idea what to do at this point. I have done everything they asked me and very quickly. This just isn’t fair and the condition I received yesterday asking for a loe that sellers repairs were satisfactory is def weird

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