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    I’m a bit aggravated. Previously, I posted about my appraisal being under value but it was a mistake on the appraisers end. He apologized and revised my appraisal the very next day and submitted it. I am now being told that it may take from 11 to 14 days. WHYYYY??? My file was moving smoothly and now I have to wait 2 weeks because someone made a mistake? I am aggravated. I am being told that Corelogic is slow. They did my appraisal 5 days after my bank app was submitted so they aren’t that slow. Why does a revision have to take so long?
    I just hate when you cross your t’s and dot your i’s, you are still punished someway. I’m venting at this point but I am aggravating. Pray for me AGAIN yall! The prayers worked me last time. Thanks for listening. Happy Monday and I hope you all are having a great NACA day!


    Praying everything works out. Hopefully they just give you a 2 week timeline but it will hapen sooner


    @tricey718 Thank you! I’m praying too…


    I have no idea what the hold up is but my file got delayed over a month because of the appraisal (first appraisal took ~15 days, the correction took about the same amount of days). Sorry for being the bearer of bad news but I just want you to know this takes time.


    @jogearce That’s okay. I appreciate your honesty and a heads up. I just find it to be a bit unfair especially when it was the fault of the appraiser. I’m going to pray that something happens sooner than later. I know BOA is working hard for many of us but there needs to be a better way.


    Hello @NewYorkSpirit – We’ve submitted your file for escalation review. We’re working to get your file prioritized at the bank tonight. Expect updates by tomorrow. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

    NACA Escalations


    @NewYorkSpirit Im praying everything works out and the escalation Dept an work this out for you!!!


    Thank you @NACACustomerService @rina-padau ! I truly appreciate that! How do you guys know what my name and file is? Is this real NACA customer service? I hope this is true.

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    Thank you @tara585 I’m still praying for you too. How is everything going? I hope you started packing your things. Get in the mindset to move. Get in the right vibration to get those keys!


    @NewYorkSpirit, Im cautiously optimistic that I will have my keys any day now. Its going to work out for both of us!!


    Good morning @Tara585 – we just submitted your file for escalation review as well.

    – NACA admins can see email addresses, so I’m able to find your file in our system if the same email is used. Otherwise, I’ll reach out by email for Member IDs.

    FYI on our current process: all files will be reviewed on the same day if entered before 2pm your time zone. It will be prioritized and the bank will receive it at the start of the next day. Some files may remain in their current priority status, while other files will be escalated to the front of the line to meet an immediate need. We have to consider the entire pipeline when escalating files so that no one file is not pushed back over another file without proper justification.

    We’ll continue working to make sure your files move forward.

    NACA Escalations


    It is great that NACA Customer Service is now on the forum, that will be a great help for members who need it


    @NACACustomerService, there is no need to escalate my file. I already have Final-CTC I am just being impatient. I know they are doing everything possibke to get me closed. There are other members who really need the assistance.


    Wow! Thanks NACA!!! I truly appreciate it! I look forward to seeing some progress and updates. Thank you so much!


    @NewYorkSpirit, your almost to the finish line!!

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 19 total)
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