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    I had someone reach out to me about the NACA process and against my better judgment, I decided to take her on as a client. She deserves to have someone who can guide her through the process, so I decided to help.

    She wants to move an appointment up from September to some time sooner. She texted me and told me that she was on hold for 2 hours and 15 minutes and was still caller #46 in the queue. She then texted me and said the system hung up on her and that she was in the 30’s at the time. She called back and was number 98 in the queue.

    She has tried to email her MC, using first initial and last name She said that was blocked.

    She then texted me “ Lol it’s ok. If I’m defeated this early then I probably dont stand a chance”.

    I’m trying to ease her concerns. How can she try to reschedule her appointment without being on hold for 5 hours? Can she do it from her web file?


    Is she calling Member Services or her local NACA office? I believe she has to call the local office for an appointment, and usually the hold time isn’t as long. I asked to be placed on the waitlist, and just kept calling weekly to see if something opened up.


    I asked her about the Web file and this was her response:

    “Yes. The web file says I haven’t entered my dependents or my debts, therefore I cant schedule online… even though i have.“

    I just said “Welcome to NACA”.


    The first thing to do is read @ttrumble ‘s blog posts on the front page of this website particularly the most recent one from May 1.

    The next thing to do is try to get your client to understand and for you to try to understand as well how the process works, that there are maybe 3 or 4 counselors in each office with a few hundred active clients each and then each appointment lasts about 2 hours it’s easy to see why there might be a backlog if the counselor can only see 4 or 5 clients at best per day and they have to get through 300 of them.

    Finally don’t give up. Your client is doing the right thing. At some point there will undoubtedly be a cancellation and opening for them to move up.

    Especially in today’s market waiting until September will improve your client’s standing if you want to see the silver lining in this.

    You know your market better than I do, but I do know some sellers in some areas are temporarily not allowing showings and in some areas all transactions are on hold.


    During certain webinars last week, they announced that they will be holding virtual achieve the dream events. The first one is next week 5/14-5/17. Looks like they just opened the registration so she can register for the day she is available and will receive a text an hour before her appointment time.


    Hello rashad3000,

    With so many of our staff members working from home right now, many local office phones are rolling over to Member Services, which has caused huge backups for them. Obviously, this is what happened to your friend.

    The email problem has me baffled. We don’t block any email addresses from contacting us other than what our spam filters catch. The only other possibility is that it may have been one of the few email addresses in the system that doesn’t use the first-initial-last-name method, but that wouldn’t have come back with a “blocked” message.

    The upcoming American Dream virtual events are going to be her best bet at this point They will run Thursday through Sunday for six consecutive weeks, starting May 14th. Registration opened this morning at

    BTW, the AmericanDream events will also include the Home Save program in addition to the purchase program to try and get out in front of the new mortgage crisis that is most likely coming as a result of the pandemic.

    Thank you Rashad for helping her in spite of your recent bad experience. You know how to reach me personally and you are always welcome to do so.

    Tim Trumble
    Online Operations, NACA

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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