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    I had my intake appointment and was given an action plan which I am confused by. I have read about many others being sent to an underwriter for qualification and who received conditions preventing them from being qualified. On my action plan it is all thing I have already done and had uploaded at the time of my intake. I have an ATD event scheduled this weekend but my counselor said that will be a waste of my time because she is the only one who can qualify me and also mentioned she was new so I’m probably overthinking but am beginning to question her reliability. Does all of this sound right, TTrumble? I trust you far more than my counselor for the time being. My lease is up in five months and I know there are still many steps for me to go through. I want to ensure I close in time.


    It is possible though extremely rare you get qualified without conditions. Typically that only happens to people at achieve the dream events where the member is already in position to be approved conventionally outside of naca. Even then it’s a “conditional” qualification which means you would be qualified to move the process along but, still would have some requirements before you can complete the purchase of a house.

    Your action plan is based on what your MC is telling you that you still need. You will always need to update every pay stub and every bank statement and every bill every month/week until you close on your house. If there are other things on your action plan that you say you have already completed it could be that your MC wants clarification or more information. You should reach out to your MC via email and copy your naca lynx email address and ask to clearly explain what is needed from you. Even if you already provided it it’s best to do it again.

    My advice is to have a temporary place of residence lined up just in case. 5 months is more than a enough time but, you never know. Especially if you consider 2 months to close after you find the house you want.

    Good luck with everything!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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