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    I have 2 medical bills that I am looking to take care of before the achieve the dream event in march. Will paying these 2 bills off delay me from getting qualified for 6 months? I read that on the forum but the post was from 4 years ago. have things changed? this will be a horrible situation if this is true


    Both of the bills combined are about $1,000. I got them in 2019 after a trip to the emergency room.


    If you pay them off you shouldn’t have to worry.


    I thought we already answered this on one of your other posts, but no this will not hurt you. If they are paid off, you will be all good to go. I went through the same thing. You just need a letter of explanation, explaining what the debt is, what happened, and what you did to correct it.

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    This was not answered in a different post. Remember to be respectful and if you feel you cant, please refrain from responding to my posts.

    I search up and down this forum with keywords related to my specific situation. Upon that search, I saw TIM TRUMBLE say someone had to wait 6 months after a medical bill was paid in order to be cleared for qualification, hence my question on this post.

    Things change all the time and theres is no harm in asking questions when it comes to what i need for my situation.


    I went back and found the post:

    Hello aknox1911,

    If the medical bill was an emergency and was beyond your reasonable control, then you may be able to ask for an exception from the National Director of Underwriting. Your Home Buyer’s Workbook notes, “Unaffordable medical bills – since your ability to pay is not and should not be a consideration in obtaining needed medical care, late medical bills are more a reflection of our dysfunctional medical system than of your readiness for home ownership”.

    ☆☆☆Additionally, was the bill reported by the original creditor or by a collection agency? If it was a collection agency, paying it off will give you a delay of probably six months, but doubtful it would be next March.☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

    In any event, you’ll need to get it paid off unless you can get the emergency exception since it has been reported as active during the past 24 months.

    Tim Trumble
    Online Operations, NACA



    @Destined4ownership…being respectful @Peapod0609 was referencing your post here from a week ago: http://forums.naca.com/?topic=medical-bills-and-collection-settlements

    You had asked about medical bills and collections. The very first sentence in the reply was that it doesn’t matter. The 2nd paragraph stated medical bills are forgiven by naca and provide you with the most lee way and least amount of issues for qualification. Every other response in stated essentially you are in good shape.

    Please double check what Tim was referencing. Unpaid collections need to meet a time requirement. Paid collections and collections that start today are OK if you are in the process of paying them off.

    If you didn’t pay a yearly physical that would count as needed to be paid. If you got into a car accident and were rushed to the emergency room you can have an exception granted.

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    @nelsont….if you read the entire post, you would see that I did not reference a 6 month delay. So, in fact, I did not ask the same question. Thank you


    I think the bottom line here is if you have paid off any collection medical or otherwise then there is no additional time necessary.

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