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    First off I want to thank everybody here that is helping us get some clarity!

    I attended the ATD event back in May and received an action plan. One of the things that is stressing me out is that I have 2 30 day late payments on my credit due to a sketchy card. During this call she said that she would not let this hold me back but that I would have to write LOE’s.

    The first late payment was completely because I thought I had paid it and I didn’t find out I didn’t pay it until I had an alert from my Credit Sesame account. The second time (and most recent) was because I had paid off the card in full. Now, this is where the sketchiness comes in, apparently if you have a 0 balance they will charge you a fee of $6 which is what I missed to pay and I did not receive a statement from them. Mind you as soon as I could I made the payment and because this was during covid it took me a while to get in touch with the credit card provider (literally would call and they wouldn’t even put me through). The fees for the overdraft were resolved on their side but it is still showing that they were late on my credit report. The card has been closed at this point because it was not doing me any good. This is the only account that has any late fees on it period. All of my other accounts have all been in good standing and financially we are in a very good place.

    I am waiting to speak to a counselor again but its been a hassle to get in touch with anybody. I just wanted to get some opinions to settle my nerves.


    Hello cottdc,

    To be honest, based only on what you have written here, it’s going to be be a bit of a “borderline” situation. However, if your counselor says a couple of LOE’s will resolve it, I will definitely lean that way too.

    The one bit if advice I will give you is to go beyond just the letters. Do the work and find a copy of the credit card agreement that showed the $6 fee for having a zero balance. It’s probably buried well down in the terms, so that, along with it being such an unusual part of the terms, will suggest that they were a predatory card provider. Also closing the account will support your case.

    The final call will be on the part of the underwriter, but I suspect it won’t be a problem.

    Tim Trumble
    Online Operations, NACA


    Hi all,

    Question regarding on-time payments. I have a 3 clean tradelines for 12 months to provide at intake. However, with all my remaining tradelines….what is the procedure for those? If I have a late payment or two on the other lines, will this hold me back at all?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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