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    @searching4homes Congrats!

    I’m nowhere, was approved in September but I’ve since learned the hard way, no seller in LA (the parts that aren’t terribly unsafe or remote) wants to work with NACA, the max value is too low to compete with the rising home prices and they have too many stipulations especially when there are multiple offers (condos…single family homes are not even an option due to pricing) from people who are all cash or can close in 14-21 days with no contingencies for inspection or appraisal. Sellers are even rejecting FHA and VA programs – the market is that hot where I live. I have to wait for a market crash, I stayed with NACA too long and am priced out of conventional loans because of the rising interest rates and not being able to get to on board with paying $500K for a starter condo… In the interim, I just booked a vacation to Vietnam so its all good! Congrats again on your home!


    @searching4homes we close tomorrow too! At 1 pm. FINALLY!!!


    @almosthomeowners2018 good luck with your closing today. I’m just sitting in the parking lot waiting to go in. Super excited and I pray everything goes well for the both of us!


    That’s crazy no one will work with NACA where you live! Don’t give up and safe travels on your trip!


    @pink317 btw our realtor told us folks wouldn’t be willing to work with NACA so we put a bigger dd down and our offer was accepted on the first home we looked at.


    We are officially homeowners! Whew, so glad to be done! Now the fun part, furniture shopping! 🙂

    Thanks to you all for encouraging me and the helpful advice. Not sure I would have stayed sane if it wasn’t for this forum.


    Congratulations 😉 wooot we closed yesterday!!!!! Homeowners !!!!! with the American Dream.


    Congratulations to you both as well! Closing went very smooth and quicker than we imagined with how many times we had to sign! We started moving in 20 min later!! ☺️?


    Hello Searching4Homes and pricelessJ,


    Tim Trumble
    Online Operations, NACA

Viewing 9 posts - 61 through 69 (of 69 total)
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