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    Has anyone really closed in 28 days or on track to close in 28 days?
    If you had delays, what were the cause?
    Any tips to ensure I can close at max 30 days?

    I’m on day 6, btw.

    I keep reading over this timeline and I’m super nervous. The buyer has already mentioned they read online NACA doesn’t close on time and wanted her realtor to confirm there weren’t going to be any unnecessary hiccups.


    Hello Searching4Homes,

    The fact is the vast majority of homes close within the 28 day timeline. What the buyer “read online” are the small minority of people who ran into some sort of problem (many of which could have been avoided one way or another). The people who close on time don’t bother to post online for the most part as they are busy moving into their new homes.

    Mindset is everything at this point. To paraphrase Henry Ford, “Whether you think you will close on time or you won’t, you’re probably right”.

    Tim Trumble
    Online Operations, NACA

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    In my NACA office, no homes have closed in 28 days. I got into a HEATED discussion with my realtor and MC because the entire purchase workshop was based around 28 day close so I felt like it was fraud (which is an extreme term I know). My MC says 28 days close is only for clean buyers purchasing SFH that are in pristine shape so no need for HAND, etc. Realistically, per my MC, it is 45 days. Your mileage may vary but keep pushing and believing!



    I’m going to try my darnest to close in 28 days. What kind of holdups are you all experiencing with HAND?

    The person I’m buying from had to move quickly to be with her mother that is terminally ill. She stressed that she needed the money which is why my offer was accepted (highest dd and earnest deposit). She’s expecting us to close on time and Im going to try to make that happen.


    We closed on our home in 32 days. Delay was due to sellers not completing promised repairs and a second reinspection was necessary. But it was worth the wait!! As long as you are on top of things you will close on time.


    I fell victim to the hand department.

    They want the garage floor fixed! Please keep me in your prayers. I’m still shooting for that 28 days although it sounds like once your in the Hand department, it’s guaranteed to be delayed.


    I feel defeated.

    I’m on day 11 and my bank application has not been submitted. Per Member Services I’ve had conditions outstanding from BOA since Monday and I can’t find anyone to give me those conditions. My MC is out of the office and before anyone recommends for me to reach out to office manager my MC is the office manager! I called the office yesterday to see if someone else could send me the conditions and was provided a name. I e-mailed that person at 10:40 am EST yesterday and 8:23 am EST today and so far no response. I contacted NACA through their online chat and they said I would have to wait until my MC (the office manager) comes back in the office.

    HAND department, it took 2 e-mails to my HAND specialist, 1 EM to the HAND director and 2 voicemails for someone other than my dedicated HAND specialist to contact me to explain my repair list.

    I’m not giving up, but I’m tired of being the “polite pest”. I’m standing to lose $3000.00 if this deal doesn’t close and I feel like the only person moving with any type of urgency is me.

    Vent over.


    For all of the pros to NACA there are some unfortunate cons as well. Good luck with this.


    Thanks @sebryner

    I just received a call and BOA came back with tons of conditions. Wish us luck.


    My experience with Hand department is pretty similar. It’s honestly dreadful. We are reminded every time we have an appointment with our hand coordinator to schedule an appointment every time we would like to speak with them. It’s great to have an appointment with a time slot. BUT what is not great is the fact that you make an appointment to never be contacted or answered. I haven’t had one appointment where I didn’t have to really try hard to get ahold of my hand coordinator. Why tell people they have to make an appointment when in the end appointments don’t matter?


    Hello all,

    We’re on day 14 with no bank submission. Per the NACA timeline this should’ve been completed by day 10. Has anyone else experience still being in the credit access stage past day 10? Did it hold up your process?

    Sorry @ttrumble but I just joined the closing crazies club.


    Welp, received confirmation that not only will I not be closing in 28 days I will not be closing in 30 days either. I’m a little lost for words. I did everything right by always having updated documents on file, responding within an hour of any request, calling and e-mailing for follow ups.

    Email to MC:
    Good morning,

    I’m starting to get a bit anxious. Per this timeline, I’m behind pace on where I should be progressing on this loan. I’m on day 15 and I don’t have a closing coordinator.

    • Is there any chance we can close on time (03/19)?
    • HAND is requiring that I get a foundation specialist out to the property to make sure the crack on the garage floor is not structural damage. If the contactor signs off and the appraiser doesn’t note it as an issue I can proceed to waive this repair. When does the property get appraised?
    • Are there any other conditions I need to address?
    • When do you foresee our bank application being submitted?

    Response: You will not close by the 19th. Your file has been submitted to underwriting twice but came back again this morning with conditions. I’ll go through them today to see what they are.

    As far as the HAND items those you have to address with HAND. I try to stay in my lane.

    I’ll let you know once the appraisal has been ordered.



    I dropped in by the NACA office and waited until my MC was free to talk to me. We were able to work together and resubmit my file back to the underwriter.

    Still a little bummed I won’t be able to close on time, but hopeful that I will still get those keys this month! 🙂


    Hi @Searching4Homes,

    We bought our house through NACA last year. Our offer was accepted on March 3, 2017 and we closed on March 31st, 2017; exactly 28 days. It was a very exciting experience I remember that I always had the NACA webfile open and if a condition showed I send the documents requested to my counselor before he asked for them or called him to let him know about the condition LOL.



    Please tell me the secret on how you found the conditions. When I call member services they won’t tell me.

    My loan is through BOA and it appears I have a loan number now.

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