Here are the documents needed to create a proposal for the modification of your mortgage:


Picture ID

Most recent mortgage statement

Most recent property taxes

Homeowners Insurance declarations page

Homeowners Association statement (if applicable)

Current utility bill

Last two years tax returns, signed and dated, plus business tax returns if self employed

Most recent two months bank statements (6 months if self employed)

Most recent 30 days pay stubs for all wage earners in the home

Proof of other income (Social Security, disability, pension, rental income, etc)

Registration and details can be found at


Please bring all of the above items with you when attending a NACA American Dream Tour Event, or submit the items by fax, email or upload to your NACA webfile.  Complete instructions are available at

By TTrumble

Online Operations Team and Forum Administrator for NACA. Based in the NACA National Counseling Center in Charlotte, NC.

2 thoughts on “Home Save Required Documents”
  1. I do not have my tax files today. Would I be able to fax everything to you and come to a location in Los Angeles for assistance.

    (213) 897-5824
    (213) 897-2000

    I had planned to come today but, was not able to finish packages to relocate to another office.

    I don’t what time you will be leaving the downtown LA today.

    1. Hello Gloria J. Newburn,

      Our American Dream Event closed at 6pm Pacific Time on Monday. However, we will be back in Los Angeles for another event November 14-18 at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel at 506 S Grand Ave in downtown LA. Doors will be open from 8am to 6pm each day.

      Please be aware that our local NACA offices only work with the NACA Purchase program. Members who need the Home Save program can complete the process by phone, fax and internet through NACA’s National counseling center if there is not an event in their area.

      Tim Trumble
      Online Operations, NACA

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