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51 thoughts on “Contact NACA using LiveChat”
  1. I wondered how changing jobs during the process effects your eligibility.
    For example I have been with a company 6 years and then I go to a new company without any gaps. Does that hurt my mortgage approval?

    1. Hi there Nancy,

      The changing of jobs will not affect your eligibility so long as you have no gaps greater than 30 day or a decrease to your income. Since you mentioned that you do not have any gaps then you should be all set. You can also confirm this during your intake appointment with your counselor.

      NACA Online Operations

  2. I need your help. I had an appointment scheduled in May (for which I waited 2 months), received the text saying that someone will call me within 24 hours, however no one called. I was able to reschedule for another appointment in August, but received a cancellation 2 days prior. I called NACA, left voicemails, and sent multiple emails for the past 2 weeks with no response. I finally got a new appointment, but it was scheduled for NOVEMBER! At that point, I will have waited a whole 8 months to speak to a counselor and I have an URGENT need as I have a house that I would like to buy immediately in Washington, DC. I would like an urgent appointment as soon as possible, as I have been very patient and understanding, but I have been consistently ignored and neglected.

    1. Hello Nyanda Jackson,

      We apologize for the inconvenience you have experienced. The sudden shift to virtual Achieve the Dream events have caused some conflict with existing appointments, causing them to have to be rescheduled. When scheduling any appointment, your local office always give the earliest appointment available unless otherwise requested by the member. Your best bet is to call the local office and ask if you can be notified if someone cancels an existing appointment.

      Just a reminder, we advise our members to not even go house hunting until after they have been NACA Qualified. The reason for doing so is to prevent the kind of disappointment you are likely to experience with the home you presently have your eye on. Especially under current market conditions, it is likely going to be gone before you are qualified to make a formal offer.

      Again, we apologize for the inconvenience and look forward to getting you qualified as soon as possible.

      Tim Trumble
      Online Operations, NACA

      1. Good morning, I just had a couple of questions and was hoping to get a couple of answers,

        In the portal, where would I upload our 24 month rent payments? I see where it says rental history but it wont allow me to put anything there,
        My source of income was mistakenly listed under my husband’s(primary) name. It wont let me delete.
        Lastly, we are registered voters and I selected yes when asked, but it keeps popping up as “no” we aren’t. How do we change it.

        Thank you very much.
        Tracey D

        1. Hello Tracey,

          Your rental history is normally confirmed by means of a Verification of Rental (VOR) form which your counselor fills out, you sign in order to authorize it, and then the counselor sends it directly to the landlord for completion.

          If for any reason the landlord refuses to complete the form, you may note on your bank statements where you paid the rent each month, provided you paid electronically.

          Otherwise, you must submit copies of your cancelled checks or money order receipts. These would be emailed to your file at the address emailXXXXXXX@nacalynx.com. (The X’s represent your seven-digit NACA ID number.)

          Once you have submitted a document to your file, only your counselor may delete or move it for security reasons. Please ask you counselor to do so during your next meeting. He or she can also fix the voter registration item.

          Tim Trumble
          Online Operations, NACA

  3. This isn’t working for me. LiveChat link brings me to a webinar page. I have completed all of my action items – haven’t received responses to my emails. I just want a new home ?

    1. Greetings @tylermcurrin@gmail.com,
      I hope that I am able to assist you with this process. Please give me your full name and NACA id as well as contact name and number so I can assist you. Thanks Damien

      Damien Smith
      Online Operations, NACA

  4. Quiero saber si ya estab aceptando aplicaciones con numero de itin hace un año mi esposo y yo hicimos el seminario pero no pudimos aplicar por en ese momento no tenían banco para los créditos de con itin.

    1. Mi hijo es un hombre del hijo de Ayat. En este momento, no tenemos un hombre que lo receivs en números a la casa de trabajo Sai
      Damien Smith Online Communications, NACA

  5. Hello.
    I would like to know if it is necessary to be delinquent on mortgage before applying for modification.

    I am facing hardship.and it looks like I will be behind my mortgage next month.

    Thank you in advance.

    1. Hello Erick,

      It depends upon the nature of the hardship and the investor. There is in fact no national standard for qualifying for a modification and it can vary dramatically with the guidelines established by the investor on your loan. In general though, you must be 60 days past due before you can be considered for a mortgage modification. The only major exception is in cases of what is called “Imminent Default”. Imminent Default is where you are not yet past due but can demonstrate that you are about to become past due because of specific circumstances, commonly referred to as the “Four D’s”: Death, Divorce, Disability or Disaster.

      You will need to talk to a NACA Home Save Counselor who can determine who the investor is on your loan and in turn determine what actions can be taken.

      Tim Trumble
      Online Operations, NACA

  6. Is it possible to purchase in another state ie: ny to georgia after qualifying? Can one show new employment in the new state after qualifying in order to purchase?

    1. Hello si618,

      Yes it is possible to buy in a different state through NACA. Please consult with your counselor for specifics on requirements.

      Tim Trumble
      Online Operations, NACA

  7. Hola me gustaría saber si los ingresos de seguro social cuentan cómo ingreso y si es posible participar En Naca si un solo miembro del hogar es quien está trabajando

    1. Hola Maribel Garcia,

      Sí, los ingresos del Seguro Social son ingresos aceptables para obtener una hipoteca. El número de personas en el hogar que están trabajando no es una consideración.

      Tim Trumble
      Online Operations, NACA

  8. Hi i registered with NACA 3 years ago. I had paid my fee online and after my appointment he charged me again. I called and sent him emails to let him know but he never responded nor refunded me. I tried over a span of a few months. I moved to Florida last year. I signed up for the achieve the dream event in sep or October. About a week before I got a call a from NC office and in talking she said my file was never transferred so they would not be able to help me at the event. I decided to stay in my rental. Well the day of the appt a couselor from the orlando office called me as scheduled. She gave me a list of things to do and collected my fee for 2021. She made me another appointment with a new counselor. Days before the appointment i tried reaching out and received no responses to my phone calls nor emails. She stood me up on my appointment. I called the office and they said she should have called me they will reach out to her. She called me about 6 hours later and said she couldn’t take my appointment because i need to pay the fee for last year. She said my account is locked until the fee is paid. I told her that i am up to date but for the sake of not arguing i will pay it again. And i did. She called me on time for that appointment and I had everything. She said that i had to work on my job for one more month before I could be approved. My appointment was this morning. I called her several times last week and emailed but again I got no response nor did she call. I called the office after Ibrealized she wasnt going to call and they chatted her and she said she was on a call and would call me when she got off. Of course she did not.

    1. Hello Jacquelyn Blades,

      We apologize for the confusion that has occurred. Please gather up proof of the dues payments you have made and submit them with a description of the situation and request for assistance to communications@naca.com.

      Tim Trumble
      Online Operations, NACA

  9. I’m trying to book an appointment online but it’s not letting me and the next appointment at my local office is December of next year!

        1. Hello Sherry L. Bryant,

          Simply call your local NACA office and advise your counselor or the admin that you would like to deactivate your file.

          Tim Trumble
          Online Operations, NACA

  10. 2nd time purchasing with Naca. 1st home sold 2018. Been in the program for over a year. Got approval to purchase with NACA for last time. 2 time max. Now new counselor tells me that I can’t be in the program without 2nd level approval, but I already had that. I’ve already attended the event and had several counseling sessions, no issue. Now I have to wait another 2 months before speaking on the issue. Help!

  11. I am having an hard time understanding the NACA rule that applies to Priority and Non-Priority Members. My husband and I qualified for 359K, and we aren’t able to live where we want, but this rule doesn’t apply to Priority members. I should be able to live where I want to live, ESPECIALLY if I qualify. NACA’s purpose is to build low to moderate communities, help families purchase homes, and protect them from discrimination, but how when NACA is discriminating against families themselves. No one should be punished or forced to live in the SLUMS, GHETTO, or TRAILER PARK because other families income doesn’t match my family. This is wrong, and we will get to the bottom of this.

    1. Hi there, it’s inaccurate to assume NACA is forcing people to buy in “SLUMS, GHETTO, or TRAILER PARK.”
      Priority members can purchase any property within the MSA within the conforming loan limit.

      Please refer to the following resources for clarification on this topic –
      NACA Tutorial with In-House Realtor Andrea Washington: NACA Priority vs. Non-Priority
      NACA Purchase Workbook pg 7
      Also, please do a search & review of old forums posts on this topic.

      Hope that helps!

      Emina Becirovic,
      Digital & Social Media

  12. Hello I am having trouble having someone reach out to me. I was told by member services after nobody called for my appointment that my counselors I was shuffled between no longer are with NACA and that a Houston office is assisting with San Antonio members. I reached out a week ago and still haven’t heard anything. All my paperwork is in the action plan is up to date.

    1. Hello Maureen O’Donnell,

      A request has been sent to your counselor to contact you as soon as possible to address your questions. You should be contacted by the end of business tomorrow.

      Tim Trumble
      Online Operations, NACA

      1. I was never contacted by anyone. I do have a few questions I’d like to ask, tho.
        1. I am a little confused about the Occupancy requirements.
        2. does NACA put a lien on the property and what does it mean that NACA takes out a lien on the property?
        3. I was thinking of going through HUD and was told that I could take a pre-purchase home buyer’s education workshop through NACA and obtain an 8-hour certificate if I wanted to purchase a home else where. Is this true?
        4. How do you get the lien removed if there is a lien on your home after purchasing through NACA?

        1. Hello Coffees8993,

          NACA places a $25,000 lien on the house for the duration of the NACA mortgage. This lien is primarily to enforce the owner occupancy rule of the NACA program. the owner is required to live in the home as long as they still have the NACA mortgage in order to prevent property investors from abusing the NACA program to simply get a cheap mortgage. NACA’s program is dedicated to building strong communities through owner-occupied properties and this rule insures that the objectives of the program are met with each loan.

          The lien can be removed by paying off the loan or refinancing. However, with today’s incredibly low rates, you will find it virtually impossible to refi at a better rate. And since the lien realistically has no bearing on day-to-day life in your home, why would you want to go through the bother?

          While NACA’s workshops meet that requirement, they are specifically geared toward the NACA program, and HUD will force you into a down payment, closing costs and PMI as well as a higher interest rate than the NACA program.

          Tim Trumble
          Online Operations, NACA

          Tim Trumble

  13. I have a couple of questions about the occupancy requirement:
    1. I am currently single and would be the only person applying for the mortgage. However, if I were to get married in a few years or decide to move my parents in with me later that same year will that effect anything or do the mortage application/qualification requirements (where all occupants must apply/quailfy) only apply before closing?
    2. If I still live in the home but sometime in the future have a family member also come to live with me, am I able to charge them rent while they stay or will that be a violation (even though I am also still occupying the home)?

    1. Hello graco79,

      Once you have closed on the home you may have whomever you wish move in with you. We are only concerned that you are actually still in the home to abide by the owner occupancy requirement.

      Tim Trumble
      Online Operations, NACA

  14. Hi is there any way I could speak to someone about our MSA for our commuter town. MSA is low for our 2 large counties (Riverside) but where we live and the cities surrounding it are very high msa and we are only $60 over per month to not be priority. Our city is a commuter city and ppl from OC, SD and LA bc their communities cost an astronomical amount. At the workshop I asked about our situation and they did say we were the kind of ppl NACA is here to help but we are stuck. Also we are in a high cost area as well but not officially via the charts. There are 3 potential neighborhoods that we could buy in only bc they are multimillion dollar houses, senior houses and apartments surrounding housing. We already are commuting 25 mins to his work. Who can I talk to our MC said there was absolutely no way even if my husband took a pay cut since we are only $60 above. Please help we have a growing family and are trying to find our forever home.

    1. Hello Alexis LaForge,

      I’m afraid that the median household income figures for any given MSA are set in stone and not subject to debate or exception. The figures are set by the FFIEC (Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council), a multi-agency government department that sets standards for the financial industry. They are not set by NACA. Therefore the numbers we use are absolute until the FFIEC issues its annual update. Unfortunately, there simply is nobody with whom you can discuss your particular situation to seek some sort of exception. It’s a hard-and-fast line, and one dollar over the median is the same as one thousand dollars over the median.

      Tim Trumble
      Online Operations, NACA

      1. Thank you fro your response.
        Update: What if my husband works less hours to be under the msa for our area? Its an hour a month that hes over by (for minimum of 3 months to whenever?)

        1. Hello Alexis LaForge,

          What you are asking for would be heavily frowned upon at the very least. If we put your situation into the reverse context, it will help you to understand why.

          It is not uncommon for people to take on a part time job in addition to their regular source of income in order to qualify for a larger amount. However this is self defeating in most cases, since artificially inflating your regular income until after you get your home only means that you are disregarding the rules of the NACA program and setting yourself up to have an unaffordable mortgage payment after you quit the part time job. This is why we have a minimum two year on-the-job requirement for second part time jobs.

          Likewise, temporarily reducing your income in order to qualify for priority status is equally as deceptive. This single most dangerous thing anyone can do is attempt to manipulate their file. Don’t forget that both the bank and NACA will be looking at your two-year history, not just what you’ve made the past few months. A sudden unexplained drop in income will raise red flags.

          Full and honest disclosure is the only way to succeed in the NACA program. Any attempts to alter things to try and make it fit a certain category is just generally not a good idea.

          Tim Trumble
          Online Operations, NACA

  15. I had an appointment scheduled at 4pm today its 5.54pm i can not reach out to my counselor. She called me earlier in the day to make sure i have uploaded all the documents and I hae completed everything and i have not heard from her since the morning. What to do now? wait another 3 months to get another appointment?

    1. Hello Dominique Bivins,

      You should not have trouble reaching someone calling the office. While many of our staff members are still working from home, the office phone should be answered during normal business hours as a result of some recent changes on our operating procedures. Likewise, you will always get someone 9:00 am to 6:00 pm Monday through Friday at NACA Member Services at 425-602-6222.

      Tim Trumble
      Online Operations, NACA

  16. My wife and I were just on a webinar and we cannot log in. The system is saying the code has expired. It’s been a couple of days now. Looking to get assistance. Please HELP!!!

    1. Hello Taylor Lane,

      For security reasons, the code given at the end of the webinar is only good for one hour after the webinar ends. I’m afraid the only way to obtain another working code to to attend the webinar again.

      I apologize for the inconvenience.

      Tim Trumble
      Online Operations, NACA

      Tim Trumble
      Online Operations, NACA

  17. Hello.

    I made a mistake in the web portal–I mislabeled some bank statements. Is there a way they can be deleted? I tried hitting the delete button, but it doesn’t work.

    Thank you

  18. I have been trying to get hold of my counselor for over a month I called member service and they told me they think she is no longer with the company. I also try calling the office where he gave me a number and extension but no one answers. I get a voicemail that Said’s she’s out the office until January 17 it is now may. is there anyone I can speak it. I’m in the north Carolina Raleigh Area.

    1. Hello jtavarez8,

      While most counselors are still working from home, it is possible that your counselor may have left the company. Please reach out to our National Queue at 425-602-6222 and select option 2 to request a follow-up appointment.

      Tim Trumble
      Online Operations, NACA

  19. I am in housing search, seeking to reach my MC. my previous MC is on maternity leave. I have emailed and call several times. I continue to upload, saving my SHOCK and I have paid off debt, reducing total debt. Now one has responded to me. I am also having trouble generating the PSL-which I was unable to submit a bid last weekend. Today I have attempted to generate the PSL and still having trouble. PLEASE HELP.
    signed -Thankful and not giving up

    1. Hello sistasiser,

      Due to your counselor is out on leave. Please contact our National Queue at 425-602-6222 select option 2 for assistance and ask who can you connect with to help you with your Housing Search.

      Veneka Quick,
      Online Operations, NACA

  20. thank you in advance.
    wondering if Tax refunds need to be “seasoned” in order to use them towards minimum required funds .

    1. Hello michele C,

      There is no need for tax refunds to be of a certain age (a.k.a. Seasoned) to be considered for MRF. You only need to write a Letter of Explanation describing the one time deposit and its source, and circling the deposit on your bank statement.

      Tim Trumble
      Online Operations, NACA

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