May 16, 2020


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(BOSTON– May 16, 2020) – Starting Thursday May 14th NACA, America’s largest HUD certified counseling agency, is conducting a series of massive four-day virtual homebuying events. NACA is changing the face of mortgage lending nationwide by counseling thousands of homebuyers each day and providing access to an extraordinary mortgage: no down-payment, no closing costs, no fees at a below market fixed rate (3.0% 30-year and 2.375% 15-year as of 5/14/20).  While lenders are tightening their underwriting, NACA, with $15 billion of this outstanding mortgage, uses character-based underwriting to qualify buyers instead of credit scores. 

These virtual Achieve the Dream Events will take advantage of NACA’s state of the art technology to allow thousands of primarily low and moderate income homebuyers to access NACA’s Best in America mortgage program to buy a home with the best terms in the country. Many will get NACA Qualified (i.e. equivalent of pre-approval) the same-day, all without leaving the comfort and safety of their homes.

NACA’s technology allows homebuyers to submit all necessary documents electronically and meet with a NACA counselor via teleconference creating a virtual environment.  NACA provides comprehensive counseling and access to the NACA mortgage to thousands of homebuyers over the four-day event.  Additional events are scheduled through May with more coming in June to meet the tremendous demand.

NACA Founder and CEO Bruce Marks said, “The virtual Achieve the Dream Events allow us to maintain the unprecedented success we created with our live Achieve the Dream events and transfer it into an entirely online environment. This not only allows NACA to continue to create new homeownership opportunities on a massive scale, but to also make every event a nationwide event instead of a local or regional one, all the while protecting the health and safety of the participants and staff. It’s all hands-on deck for our team. Nothing like this has ever been done before in the history of mortgage lending, especially at this scale.”

NACA’s will have more than 250 counselors from coast to coast participating in the events, which means homeownership counseling will be happening on a scale not seen since NACA’s historic “Save the Dream” events during the mortgage crisis. Advance registration for the first week’s event is already at capacity of over 7,500 homebuyers, and the following weeks are filling rapidly.

The virtual Achieve the Dream events will have the same four basic steps:

  • Attend an online version of NACA’s Homebuyer Workshop to learn how the NACA program works and to learn how to become NACA members.
  • Upload required documents to their NACA file.
  • Meet with a NACA counselor to review readiness for homeownership and an affordable payment.
  • Meet with a NACA underwriter to be NACA Qualified (i.e. pre-approved) or their next steps.

Bruce Marks continued, “These events will not only give homebuyers the continued opportunity to take advantage of the unbeatable terms of the NACA program but do so on a scale never seen before in American history.  The online Achieve the Dream Events are going to change the mortgage industry as we know it and make affordable homeownership available to more people than ever before.”

Media links:

Fox 4 Dallas: https://youtu.be/0yYV3AODw7A?list=PLOKHTNNOOuimIC1fm8sxnjg4OzHIIeY5B
CBS 3 Philadelphia: https://youtu.be/-Bfbjdui0_A
Maria Lara Testimony: https://youtu.be/L2uUrtDVBhU?list=PLOKHTNNOOuimIC1fm8sxnjg4OzHIIeY5B
CNBC at Miami Event: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?ref=external&v=564349637328357

Information and registration for Homebuyer’s Workshops and the Achieve the Dream Events are on www.naca.com.


Started in 1988, NACA is the largest HUD-Certified nonprofit, community advocacy, and homeownership organization in the United States. NACA has been the forefront in fighting predatory lending and has been the most effective organization in providing affordable solutions to over 250,000 homeowners.  NACA provides the best mortgage in the country through its 48 offices nationwide. NACA’s founder and CEO Bruce Marks was named Bostonian of the Year for 2007 because of his work in getting the major lenders and servicers to modify home loans. He has also testified before Congress on numerous occasions including September 12, 2000—being one of the few to sound the alarm of the pending mortgage crisis. For more information, please visit www.naca.com.

By TTrumble

Online Operations Team and Forum Administrator for NACA. Based in the NACA National Counseling Center in Charlotte, NC.

5 thoughts on “NACA Launches Largest Nationwide Virtual Homeownership Event”
    1. Hello Linda Bowman Wilson,

      If you are not already a NACA member, you must first attend a Homebuyer’s Workshop online. This will give you information on how the NACA program works and how to become a member. It is the required first step in the NACA process.

      You may either attend the live workshop conducted on Facebook Live each Thursday through Sunday evening at 6:00 pm Eastern Time at http://www.facebook.com/nacaofficialpage or register for one of the three workshops conducted each day Thursday through Sunday through the GoToMeeting app. you may locate and register for those workshops at https://www.nacalynx.com/naca/webfile/member/event/eventWebinar.aspx?txtEvent=AZ .

      Once you have attended the webinar and followed the instructions on creating your NACA file and receiving your member ID number, or if you are already a NACA member, you may register for the virtual Achieve the Dream Events at https://www.nacalynx.com/naca/webfile/member/event/eventType.aspx?txtEvent=AU .

      Please register as soon as possible because the only spots still open for our six-week series of events are in the final week, June 18-21.

      Tim Trumble
      Online Operations, NACA

  1. Hi, I attended a NACA homeownership workshop in April 2020. I also received a NACA ID, but didn’t follow up with a counselor. Should I take another workshop class or can I still use the same NACA ID to schedule with a counselor?

    1. Hello VALERIE BEVILL,

      You can still use the same NACA ID number. Please make sure all of your required documents have been uploaded to your NACA webfile. Once that is completed you will be able to schedule your intake appointment with your counselor.

      Tim Trumble
      Online Operations, NACA

    2. Hello, Valerie

      You are not required to take another workshop. Upload the required documents and contact our National Queue at 425-602-6222 select option 2 to request for an appointment.

      Veneka Quick
      Online Operations, NACA

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