As every NACA member knows, e-mail is by far the most commonly used means for NACA and its members to communicate with each other.  It is the primary means for communicating with NACA staff members in both the Home Save and Purchase Programs, plus our way of sending special notices and alerts to all our members.

However, if your email address is supplied by Comcast, you may be missing vital information regarding your efforts to purchase a home or save your present home.

Comcast’s e-mail system is set up in such a manner that the large volume of mail coming from NACA to Comcast subscribers, especially on the West Coast, automatically (and falsely) triggers a spam alert in their system, which in turn causes their system to block all messages coming from  Every few weeks, we discover that members are not receiving information we send them and only then do we learn that Comcast has once again blocked NACA e-mails.

Our IT department contacts Comcast each time this occurs with a request to un-block our communication, but a few weeks later it happens all over again.  Comcast has not advised us of any way in which they can resolve this problem, even though they are the only e-mail provider in the country with which we experience this problem.  We have no problems whatsoever with AOL, RoadRunner, AT&T, G-mail, Yahoo, MSN or any other provider, only Comcast.

Therefore, if your e-mail has a Comcast address, please call our Member Services department at 888-404-6222, option 4 and provide the representative with an alternative e-mail address so we can insure that important information reaches you in a timely fashion.  Please note that for security purposes, we cannot accept e-mail changes by any other method.  We must verify your identity before we make changes to any part of your basic contact information.

If you do not presently have an alternative e-mail address, free e-mail accounts are available through several providers such as Yahoo, MSN and G-mail.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but after several months of seeking a solution through Comcast, none has been forthcoming and we ask that Comcast subscribers please help insure that we are able to maintain an open line of communication with each of our members.

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation!

Tim Trumble
Online Operations, NACA

By TTrumble

Online Operations Team and Forum Administrator for NACA. Based in the NACA National Counseling Center in Charlotte, NC.

4 thoughts on “Comcast Subscriber? Please Give NACA an Alternate E-mail Address!”
  1. I am very frustrated since I attened my first workshop on October 29, 2012 and I have never been to one before and I have not received my NACA ID number and I am wondering why????? I received an email stating that I owe 20 dollars from 2007, well obviously that is the wrong person or I dont know whos inofmration you have received but this is the first time I ever heard of NACA and I attended the first workshop in Los Angeles. So if someone can PLease help me in this situation since I would like to purchase a home thru NACA but I have not had any replys to any other correspondence. Please Help!!!

    Kimberly A Hernandez

    1. Hello Kimberly Hernandez,

      Your NACA ID number was in fact sent to you shortly after you attended the workshop on the 20th (not yesterday as you wrote). Your ID number and a temproary password have been sent to you in two separate emails. Please check your junk mail or spam foleder to make sure they are not somehow ending up there, and that emails from are not blocked in any fashion.

      Disregard the reference to 2007 in the message regarding dues, that is simply a typo.

      Tim Trumble
      Online Operations, NACA

  2. I am trying to update my email address. The email on file for NACA has been hacked. I’ve tried calling he member services number several times. Everytime I call, I’m on hold then I receive a message stating they are helping other callers and to please call back.. then disconnected. I’ve already purchased my home and am finished with the homebuying process. I just want to change my email address.. please advise.


    1. Hello Capricek,

      If you are having trouble getting through on the phone, your best bet is to use the new Live Chat system available on the home page of the NACA website. You can chat with a NACA rep who can verify your identity and take care of the email change.

      Tim Trumble
      Online Operations, NACA

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