Homebuyers who buy within the city limits of Detroit may be able to receive up to a $30,000 grant toward the purchase of a home.


Do Not Miss This Incredible Opportunity

  • Maximum $30,000 grant (limited time opportunity).
  • NACA Best in America mortgage (no down payment, no closing costs, below market fixed rate).
  • NACA’s Below Market Interest Rate – today’s 30 year rate is 3.5%; 15 year rate is 3.0%. (6-12-17)
  • Many affordable houses in Detroit.
  • Renovation funds can be built into the mortgage.


Grant Criteria (for a limited time)

  • Grant is limited to $30,000 and must not exceed 25% of the mortgage value.
  • Grant must be used to reduce the mortgage amount.
  • All property types including land contracts eligible.
  • Must purchase within Detroit city limits
  • Low and moderate-income buyers.


The funds are limited so act NOW! Call NACA’s Detroit office at 281-204-6222 and make a counseling appointment. You may also call NACA Member Services at 425-602-6222 for more information.


By TTrumble

Online Operations Team and Forum Administrator for NACA. Based in the NACA National Counseling Center in Charlotte, NC.

4 thoughts on “$30,000 GRANTS FOR DETROIT HOME BUYERS”
  1. I was told from my naca intake person since I qualify for a small loan I should apply for a grant but she didn’t know I should contact for the grants. Is there anyone that can point me in the right direction I live in California.

    1. Hello funkykolmedina,

      There are literally hundreds of such programs across the country, and it is impossible to keep track of them all. If your local office did not have any information, a quick internet search will A little quick internet search should give you plenty of leads.

      Tim Trumble
      Online Operations, NACA

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