Dear FHA Borrower,

If you have not obtained an affordable solution with your FHA mortgage, this message is very important. While NACA has been extremely successful modifying mortgages, FHA mortgages have been the most difficult. Thus we need to take action and ask President Obama why he is failing homeowners who have a government-backed FHA mortgage.

While the best solution for a FHA borrower is the FHA-HAMP solution, FHA makes it extremely difficult to obtain this solution. This solution reduces the outstanding principal by up to 30%, reduces the interest rate to the current market rate which is about 4% (the reduced principal must be repaid at the end of the loan term), and extends the loan term to 30 years. While this solution is not as good as ones provided by other lenders, where interest rates are reduced to as low as 2% and a portion of the outstanding principal eliminated, FHA-HAMP is the best option available at this time.

We need you to take action NOW if you have not yet received an affordable solution by doing the following:
1. Call the FHA National Servicing Center (“NSC”) at 877-622-8525 to file a complaint. They are responsible for assisting FHA borrowers who have had difficulty working with their lender. Please do the following:
a. Provide the NSC with your FHA case number. Get your case number from your lender, FHA case number can be found in the top left corner of your HUD 1 settlement statement received at closing or NACA (contact NACA at
b. Insist on filing a complaint. Do not take no for an answer.
c. Request a FHA-HAMP solution (i.e. reduce your principal by up to 30% and reduce your interest rate)
d. Tell the NSC you are working with NACA.
e. If you are denied an affordable solution by FHA, obtain the reason and provide that to NACA at

2. If you are not satisfied with the NSC response, please take the following action.
a. Contact FHA Commissioner Carol Galante. Commissioner Galante needs to understand what you are going through. You can contact her by emailing her at or by call her office at 202-708-2495.

3. Keep NACA informed by sending email updates to We have staff dedicated to working with FHA borrowers. Tell us your current circumstances that make your current mortgage payment unaffordable including:
a. Reason for your difficulties (i.e. reduced income, unaffordable mortgage terms, etc.)
b. Number of months late or if you are current.
c. Your experience with your lender as well as FHA.
d. Are you willing to participate in actions and activities against FHA. These include demonstrations, meeting with Members of Congress, holding President Obama accountable (i.e. at his campaign appearances), and other actions?

NACA will continue to be your advocate. While FHA has not been responsive to our efforts to work with them, we will not take no as an answer and neither should you. We are working with tens of thousands FHA borrowers as well as hundreds of thousands of other homeowners who we can involve in activities to make FHA work for its borrowers. It is outrageous that FHA, as the Obama Administration’s major government housing program, is one of the worst in helping homeowners save their homes. We need to tell President Obama to standup for homeowners and to set the standard with FHA borrowers.

Bruce Marks


By dperez

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  1. How do I get a forensic audit started?
    1. I have called the Naca phone #
    2. I logged into Naca with my id, and clicked on the forensic audit, but it read”Can not get a forensic audit at this time.

    1. We are sorry you are having problems reaching us on the phone. There is no reason that you should be calling and getting disconnected. Please make sure you are calling 888-404-6222 and selecting option 4 to reach Member Services.

      To get a forensic audit started, you will have to contact the Consumer Mortgage Audit Center (CMAC) at We do not work directly with CMAC any more because the grant money that made the service free to NACA members has been exhausted and the grant was not renewed.

  2. Do your services include mobile homes? I have a mobile home, however it is on permanent foundation and I own my own land. I also have my home deeded as a house and I pay house taxes.

    1. Hello yvonne kolbe,

      Since it is on permanent foundation and you also own the land, we are able to work with you on a mortgage modification. Please log on to and click on the blue “Home Save” button to get the process started. If you are in an area where an American Dream Tour event is scheduled, you may click on the name of the city in the list on the home page to register for the event also.

      Tim Trumble
      Online Operations, NACA


    1. Hello MS KAREN FASHAW,

      In reviewing your file, I do not see any offer bening made in response to your NACA proposal. The trial offer you say you received was most likely from another department that has nothing to do with your NACA proposal. Our legally binding agreement with your servicer requires that all communication regarding your NACA proposal must be done through your NACA file. As of this writing your file is still under review by your servicer.

      Please continue to monitor your NACA file on line for a response from your servicer and also look for a link in Section A of your web-file that says “click here to send an e-mail to your servicer”. Please use the e-mail tool to send them a message at least twice each week reminding them that you are still waiting for a solution.


  4. Hang in there. It’s worth it, closed on a home for me and my boys Thursday after 1.5 year process — mostly credit issues. Then the final 3 month period between NACA approval and closing is not for the faint of heart. Counselors will come and go take heart. NACA’s ultimate success or failure is on the backs of the overwhelmed underpaid NACA real estate professionals who do this because they believe in the program. Hopefully Mr. Marks is as interested in the longevity of this bold program as much as he is in talking about it.

  5. I attended the NACA event in NYC on May 29 and May 30. This was my second NACA event. After more than 6 hours of waiting to be processed on May 29, I returned on May 30 to meet with a AHMSI representative. The NACA volunteers were professional and informative. Telling participants to have documents prepared and to be efficient in answering questions helped considerably. However, my meeting with my servicer representative was a nightmare. The representative reviewed my required documents in minute detail, chronicled every expense and even went as far as telling me the servicer’s offer was fair (8.25% interest). The meeting with the representative was an extremely difficult experience. Having a IRS audit while simultaneously going through customs with an NSA agent’s asking me to “step aside” would have been more pleasant. 15 days after my meeting with the AHMSI representative, a telephone call with my servicer indicated AHMSI has no record of receiving any of my documents. Can someone at NACA assist me.

    1. Hello H. Abdulghani,

      Please send me your name and NACA ID number at the e-mail address below so I may review your file and advise you on how to best proceed.


      Tim Trumble
      Online Operations, NACA

  6. I am about to lose the house I want to purchase. We have been out of contract since May 2 and the the house was put back on the market on May 8th. My counselor has been out sick this week and I have had no luck getting help from no one else in my local NACA office. Such a devastating experience! Who can I voice my concerns to?

    1. Hello Ana,

      In reviewing your file, I see there was significant action on it yesterday. Please remember to check your file regularaly for updates.

      As for the house being put back on the market, that is an old trick designed to put pressure on you. Don’t fall for it. It is in reality a sign of how desperate they are to sell. The only thing it accomplishes is proving that you are in fact the only person interested in the house.

      Your file indicates that you are close to receiving the clear to close, so just a bit more patience should be all you need.


      Tim Trumble
      Online Operations, NACA

  7. Can anyone tell me how long I should be waiting for a decision from BofA. I attended event in Ontario in January and BofA started working on my loan supposedly in February but all I get is it’s in review. Should it be taking 4 or 5 months. I’m scared and frustrated and confused .

    Please any help would be appreciated,

  8. i cant seem to get intouch with anyone at naca,im trying to get assistance with reducing my mortgage but i cant get anyone to talk to me i keep getting[??

    1. Hello jorge martinez,

      Lines are open and counselors are available at the National Counseling Center, so I cannot understand why you get disconnected. Please make sure you are calling 888-404-6222 and selecting option 4. If you need a Spanish speaking counselor, please press the # button when prompted.

      Should you continue to have problems, please e-mail me at the address below and I will find another means of getting you connected to a counselor.

      Tim Trumble
      Online Operations, NACA

  9. I have an FHA mortgage, which I am substantially underwater. I tried utilizing NACA in 2009, but they could not assist because I had a FHA mortgage. Has anything changed since then? Would love to either refinance into a lower rate or obtain a principal reduction.

    1. Hello Janelle Avant,

      If you are not past due on the mortgage, the FHA Streamline Refinance program may well be a good option for you. It is a relatively new program designed to help homeowners with FHA mortgages who are in a situation like yours, significantly underwater and needing to reduce their interst rate and payment. Most major lenders can give you the details.

      FHA continues to have the strictest modification guidelines in the industry, and we will continue to advocate for more reasonable terms from FHA until homeowners with FHA loans have the same opportunity for modification as those who have Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and others as the investors on their loans.

      Tim Trumble
      Online Operations, NACA

  10. It’s disappointing to find out that NACA can’t help with the FHA streamline refi. I am finding out that I know more than my service. US Bank Home mortgage. .I’m frustrated. I haven’t given up though.
    Thank you for posting the info.

    1. Hello Lisa,

      You have the right attitude in not giving up. Patience and persistence are the two most powerful tools you have in this fight. NACA is not involved in any form of refinancing at this point in time, but US Bank or any other major lender should be able to help you look into the FHA Streamline Refinance program.

      Tim Trumble
      Online Operations, NACA

  11. Hi my name is Indira,
    I am interested in attending one of the workshop I recently missed one here in Huntsville AL, Please let me know if their will be another workshop near the ALABAMA area anytime soon. Did not know about this program until a few weeks ago when someone at church shared this information with me. I would like some information on first time home buyer. Thank you.

    1. Hello Indira,

      To locate and register your closest workshop, please go to the NACA website at, click on the blue “Purchase Program” button, and then click on the blue “Workshop” button on the left side of the next page. You will be able to enter in your Zip Code and find the dates and locations of all workshops in your area and then register for the one of your choice. The workshop will provide all the information you need about the Purchase Program.

      Tim Trumble
      Online Operations, NACA

  12. Hi, I have an FHA loan, been working with Naca’s assistance to restructure my home loan to help me save my home from foreclosure it was recently undergoing. Wells Fargo had submitted me to a 3 month trial plan in which I made payments to them on time each month and trial ended on Sept 1st. WF has now sent me loan mod docs to which I hardly understand but new amount is still too high and unaffordable. I have submitted these docs to my naca file however my naca file says WF has denied my mortgage and I do not understand nor what to do now. Please help!

    1. Hello cyndyacero,

      My suggestion is that you call our Member Services department at 888-404-6222 (option 4) and speak with a representative who can review the documents you sent in, answer your questions and advise you on what options you may have.

      Tim Trumble
      Online Operations, NACA

  13. I have an FHA mortgage that I have been attempting to get a streamline refinance. In mid September I was able to get that process started and am waiting for a response. After submitting the refinance, I received the NACA email alert regarding the “Remedy For Lender’s Wrongful Acts & Assistance”. After calling to verify that the email was from NACA, the representative advised me to submit the questionaire. I did submit the questionaire, participated in two phone interview and provided the requested documentation. On 10/02, my file was submitted to the Servicer.

    On 10/05, I recieved voice messages from my mortgage servicer stating that he person is calling in an attempt to collect a debt. I am concerned about this because I am not in foreclosure, I am current on my mortgage, I have no knowledge of owing any debt to the bank servicing my mortgage. I question the timing and content of this call…should the mortgage servicer be contacting me? Should I report this to NACA and if so who do I contact and how? Your input in this matter would be deeply appreciated. Thanks.

    1. Hello Bill,

      By Federal law the phrase “this is an attempt to collect a debt” has to be be stated anytime the bank cotacts you regarding your mortgage, whether by phone or in writing. It does not mean you are past due or anything else negative.

      You do not state who the servicer is, but if it is one of the servicers that we have leaglly binding agreemtns with, they should not be contacting you directly regarding a NACA modification proposal, since that is a violation or the agreement. Nor would they be contacting you in response to an application through the IFR process, since those go directly to the Office of the Comptrioller of the Currency and not to the lender.

      Should someone attempt to call you again, keep these items in mind when you find out the purpose for their call.

      Tim Trumble
      Online Operations, NACA

      1. Hi Tim,

        Thanks for the quick reply to my question.

        Wells Fargo is the servicer for my mortgage, the person who calls specifically states he is calling from Wells Fargo HM. The numbers that the call originates from (210 624-6904) and the call back number left (877-573-8264 ext 05261) are listing for a Wells Fargo office in Texas. The documentation being asked for is the same information that was requested by NACA last week and most recently as yesterday for 2011 tax return. The NACA request were made using the Communication Log, no one is calling me directly.

        I’ve just received a request for additional documents from Wells Fargo HM dated 10/6 via FedEx. The states it is in follow-up to my recent request for mortgage assistance, I have not contacted Wells Fargo other than to refinance. Today’s request is for “Two most recent bank statements showing direct deposit or deposit advices showing deposit amount.” The letter goes on to make statements about foreclosure but that should not apply to me.

        At this point things are somewhat confusing, it was my understanding NACA would be the point of contact and communications. I am willing to comply with all reasonable request, I’m only trying to follow the process as it was explained to me. I am open to talking to Wells Fargo if that doesn’t violate the terms of my NACA agreement. Please advise. Thanks.

      2. Hi Tim,

        Thanks for the quick reply to my question.

        Wells Fargo is the servicer for my mortgage, the person who calls specifically states he is calling from Wells Fargo HM. The numbers that the call originates from (210 624-6904) and the call back number left (877-573-8264 ext 05261) are listing for a Wells Fargo office in Texas. The documentation that’s being asked for is the same that was requested by NACA last week and most recently as yesterday for 2011 tax return. The NACA request were made using the Communication Log, no one is calling me directly.

        I’ve just received a request for additional documents from Wells Fargo HM dated 10/6 via FedEx. The states it is in follow-up to my recent request for mortgage assistance, I have not contacted Wells Fargo other than to refinance. Today’s request is for “Two most recent bank statements showing direct deposit or deposit advices showing deposit amount.” The letter goes on to make statements about foreclosure but that should not apply to me.

        At this point things are somewhat confusing, it was my understanding NACA would be the point of contact and communications. I am willing to comply with all reasonable request, I’m only trying to follow the process as it was explained to me. I am open to talking to Wells Fargo if that doesn’t violate the terms of my NACA agreement. Please advise. Thanks.

  14. Hi Mr. TTrumble,

    I have been trying to get a permanent loan modification for the last three years with my first mortgage ASC Wells Fargo, after completing multiple trials was finally granted a hamp 3 months trial payment with Help of NACA team thank God!!
    I completed all trial payments making extended fifth hamp trial payment this month. My first mortgage is asking for my second mortgage which is discharged through bk 7 but the lien still existed. My second mortgage refused to sub ornate other than making a settlement which i have paid it in full 11% of my loan balance. i have a paid in full letter from my second mortgage to provide to my first which is ASC wells Fargo, and they are not accepting other than requesting a Recording release of lien which takes about 45 days and my county clerk’s office is 2 weeks behind and my first mortgage is giving me until Dec 1 2012 to give a proof of recorded release of lien otherwise i will be dropped out of hamp which i applied 10 times with disputing NPV and got the hamp trial approved and i dont want to go through the same hell again to reapply again, again, again . I wanted your advice if i should attend the second time to NACA event on Oct 18 in Sacramento ca which is 3 hours drive to see if i can get extended time with my paid in full letter of second mortgage so i can get the Recorded release of lien which is going to take some time. I will continue to make the payments. Please advise i am so confused as far so why they want subornation if my first is already first with higher loan amount and second is already paid in full so i can get final permanent modification. thank u so much!!!

    1. Hello nitanke,

      I was unable to locate your NACA file, so you will need to call our Member Services department at 888-404-6222,option 4 so a representative can review your file and advise you on how best to proceed.

      Tim Trumble
      Online Operations, NACA

  15. Hello I have trying to call in for my missed appointment and the phone lines keep saying you are closed and hangs up on me. I have worked with Naca before and nothing happened. Wells Fargo said they would help us but have not they have been stringing us along for sometime now. I finally got a foreclosure sale date and gave up trying to save our home but realized that the effort we have put in and having to go through with my family including two little girls is not right. I need help stopping the sale it is 1 WEEK AWAY and I have called Wells and a very nice lady said there is nothing they can do and to call Naca(she said she was not to give out that advice). Can someone give me some hope here.

    Thank You very much for your efforts

    1. Hello Anthony Prieto,

      You have been sent an Action Plan listing documents we need to have you update in your file immediately. It is imperative that a new modification proposal be submitted if we are to have any hope of halting the auction. Since the date is so close, YOU MUST ACT NOW. Plese include a copy of any foreclosure notice you have received showing the auction date.

      Once you have submitted the documents, email me at the below address and I will arrange to have a counselor call you.

      Tim Trumble
      Online Operations, NACA

  16. Thank you so much Tim for the reply, I will get everything over to them today, I really appreciate you contacting me so quickly.

  17. Great information on this site, I have both a success story and a question.


    NACA has reduced our interest rate to 2% !! The process took a little over a year to complete however it was well worth it, please stick with the process and provide as much information possible and continue to educate yourself on the options of the program.


    Does NACA assist with 2nd Mortgages? Prior to receiving assistance with our 1st mortgage a portion of our loan was sold to “Green Tree LLC” the interest rate is 11% and we are in need of assistance. Can NACA assist?

    1. Hello Cynthia Smoot,

      Unfortunately, NACA is prohibited from working on a second mortgage when it is not with the same servicer as the first mortgage. However, it is typically much easier to get a modification on a second mortgage after the first has been restructured. So while I’m afraid you are going to have to deal with GreenTree yourself, getting the second modified shouldn’t be quite as tough.

      Congratulations on your modification of the first loan!

      Tim Trumble
      Online Operations, NACA

  18. My dissapointment with NACA is because you having avaluating me since 2010 I have not received no help,in my 4 previous visits I was aproved for 2% and up till this day nothing from BA,now thay are telling me that I am in Foreclosure.
    I received a document from Home Affordable saying that my loan was modified and I was to send the first payment wich was
    to be deducted from the Bank Acount,when I authorized the payment BA called me I told them I was paying my first
    payment they said they did not Arrange for the payment Plan.
    I have tried and tried I guest my next step is to give up the house and take my family to live under a tree.I cant take the deceivment and the Back an forth.
    I tried to contact NACA they have dropped me with the Missing document Line.

    1. Hello John Bannick,

      In reviewing your file, it appears that the most consistent reason for the modification to be declined is documents not being kept updated. While it may seem frustrating to keep sending in updated documents, keeping the documents updated, especially income documents and bank statements, complying with document updates is not an optional request. Additionally, it is the responsibility of our members to check their NACA file on line at least twice each week for updates.

      In no way has NACA “dropped” you, but it is your responsibility to stay current with the status of your file and maintaining up-to-date documentation. you are being sent a temproary password to insure that you can access your file. Please fax in your most recent 30 days of paystubs, two months of bank statements (six months if self employed) and any documents you have received referring to foreclosure.

      Once you have done so, please call our member services line at 888-404-6222 so the file can be updated and a revised modfication proposal can be submitted.

      Tim Trumble
      Online Operations, NACA

  19. I am so glad I have discovered this site! We have been working with NACA since July and it is nice to have a go between.
    I was wondering if anyone else had a morgage that was owned by mortgage backed securities and was able to get a decent modification? After we bought our home, wells fargo sold our loan. they are still the servicer but each time we have attempted a modification, the MBS has declined. I am hopeful we will have luck with NACA.
    Thank you,
    L Boll

  20. Does anyone have a Fannie Mae loan serviced by Seterus? We started a loan modification with Bank of America in September and then our loan was transferred to Seterus. Everyone at Seterus said that they were certain we would get a modification. Then, at the end of October, Seterus verbally told us we were denied and were in foreclosure status. They stated the denial reason as being because we did not state in our hardship letter that our hardship was over and/or that we were only 5 months behind and not more. Well, truth be told, we were 6 months behind when Seterus became our servicer. During our attempt for a loan modification, they told us we had to keep paying what we could and they accepted a payment in the amount of our full house payment. THIS IS WHY WE WEREN’T BEHIND ENOUGH!!

    After this, a friend told us to go through NACA. Is Seterus one of your services that have a legally binding contract? How often do you have success stories with Fannie Mae loans?? At this point, we can actually make our monthly payment as it is, we just can’t seem to make up the arrears and now Seterus won’t take a payment from us at all!!

  21. I have not been able to access my web-file since receiving notification 10/21/12 that it has been sent to my servicer. I have tried countless times to log-in with my NACA ID and create a password to no avail. I have sent numerous emails to every NACA email address I could find on documents and from the email I received: no assistance or response! Can someone help me!!!

      1. I have not received the temporary password. Did you send to the comcast email or the alternative email I provided? The NACA site only recognize my comcast email which is the one on file. I have tried to contact Customer Service to give an alternative email but was on hold for 30 minutes before giving up. OMG this is begining to feel like dealing with my lender all over again. It has been a month since my workshop and the creation of my webfile. I can only imagine providing the lender with more excuses to deny my request for modification..ARG, so frustrated..

  22. All is good; got throught to Customer service: reestablished email and sent a temp password. Finally able to gain access to my “webfile” after a month. Now I have to get busy and submit additional docs(though my servicer have not responded to my file). I can not submit docs until I return to work in another week..hurry up and wait.


  23. I just learn of NACA which i registered today, The above article gives me hope as well as reading the messages. I hope NACA will be able to assist me with my issues however there are some problems I notice with your website as I tried completing the first portion of submission I was unable to do so because it was asking for information that did not apply to my situation which I answer no but the system wanted me to add data to move forward. I made a appointment for next week hopefully I will be able to process the next steps by then. I hope this works out for me

    1. Hello Hadiaah Moore,

      Any issues you had with entering data on line can be taken care of by your counselor. Should you have any additional problems, please contact our Member Services department at 425-602-6222.

      Tim Trumble
      Online Operations, NACA

  24. Hello my lender is Indy Mac Bank I been trying to work with them for the past 3 year. I had a trial payment in 2010 I paid seven months of trials by November 2010. We received a letter requesting updated documents and I fax them to the # on the letter and when I called to make sure they have received them. They said no that the # on the letter was wrong and that I need it to fax them again which I did and by then they put me in a dispute which canceled my trial payment . I requested to speak to a supervisor and no one was available I told them to take my payment but refuse. In January of 2011 I received a letter of them admitting wrong doing in and that the review was canceled and the trial. I had to resumit all new paquet after been in review for more them 7 months they cancelled the review because i owe more then the value of the 2012 i sumited another paquet for the HARP so they can review the cacelatin of my trial payment sumited a conplain with the offices of the president the the OOC and to to ever will try ti lisent to my case but so far with no luck . INDY MAC

  25. Hopefully someone can help me i have a sale date for 12-24-12 and I don’t want to louse my home I have exsated all my energy trying to get some help from INDY MAC with no success. I requested a independent review why they canceled my trial payment and i receives a teller that i will get some one appointed. I qualified for a trial payment will my husband was unemployed and now that he has a fulltime job and i contribute 100% to the home and we have a business they are not willing helps. Thank you hope to hear from you Sonia

    1. Hello Mr. and Mrs. Aguayo,

      Thank you for your message. You have been sent an Action Plan, listing the documents we will need to create and submit a proposal for the modification of your mortgage. Please also provide any documents you have received regarding the auction date you refer to. Please provide those documents as soon as possible using the NACA fax cover sheet you may download through the link in the Action Plan.

      You will need to also log in to your NACA file on line or call our Member Services department at 425-602-6222 to schedule a telephone counseling appointment so we may create and submit the proposal.

      I wish you the best in your efforts to save your home!

      Tim Trumble
      Online Operations, NACA

  26. Needing more information. Due to finacial loss, I need to attempt to obtain a loan modification/help. The loan is a Fannie Mae through B of A. Have heard from a couple of your customers that the loan payment needs to be a couple of months in the rears before anything can be done. Have struggled with assistance to be able to stay current, it concerns me about not making payments and how it can affect the lenders responses. Can you give me an answer if this is true, is it a task to get the lender to work… Thanks in advance.

    1. Hello Mike B,

      The sad fact is that it is much harder if not impossible to get a modification when the mortgage is current. The bank cannot see that you are sacrificing elsewhere to do the right thing and meet your obligations. All they can see is that you are making the mortgage payment on time every month. It becomes a case of “actions speak louder than words”. You may apply for a modification, but the fact that you pay your mortgage every month tells them that you do not have a problem paying because you ARE paying.

      I have seen many cases where people actually borrow money from another source to make the mortgage payment. When people borrow money to make an unaffordable mortgage payment, they make TWO huge mistakes: First, by making the payment, they again tell the bank that they can make the payment without problem, because they ARE making the payment. Second, by borrowing money for the payment, they are only transferring debt from one source to another. Any consumer or financial advisor will tell you that is a guaranteed path to disaster. You now have two debts you can’t pay back instead of one.

      That being said, NACA will never tell you to not make your mortgage payment if you can afford to. Responsible home ownership is the foundation of NACA’s mission. But many people who can’t afford the payment make a mistake by draining their 401-K, credit cards, etc. to make the payment. Eventually it will only make the problem worse since you make it harder to get a modification and you are also depleting your retirement or creating another huge debt you can’t afford.

      Many servicers and/or investors do have a “gray area” called Imminent Default. Basically, you must prove that you are about to go past due on the mortgage and cannot do anything about it, and one of the “Three D’s” must also be a factor: Death, Divorce or Disability. Reduced income through unemployment or business decline will not qualify.

      Most investors, including Fannie Mae, do require that the mortgage be at least two months late or qualify under Imminent Default. In some cases, the lender can grant a three month forbearance if you can show genuine hardship but are still current. This allows the loan to technically become delinquent and thus become eligible for modification when it would not otherwise. The only way to find out what options are available for you is to try.

      You may start the process of working on a modification proposal through NACA by going to our website at and clicking on the blue “Home Save” button. If you are not close to any of the locations for our American Dream Events, the entire process can be done remotely by phone, fax and internet.

      Tim Trumble
      Online Operations, NACA

      1. Thanks Tim,

        Can I throw one other item into the mix. My fiance is on the loan, but she ran out on me several years ago and this is one of the issues that has caused the financial hardship. No help and no contact, about two years ago got a quit claim in mail, but nothing else. Does this affect the issue.


  27. I have just started the process with NACA. In reading this forum, it sounds like NACA cannot help if you have an FHA loan. I currently have an FHA loan and don’t want to make a 300 mile round trip if NACA is not successful with FHA mortgages. Please provide me some guidance if at all possible. My credit is not good anymore as I have had a bankruptcy and my past due mortgage payments, would I still be able to get a streamlined refinance option, if NACA cannot help me. Sorry for all the questions, just desperate to keep my house. Thanks!

    1. Hello Rickey Smith,

      Nowhere is it stated that “NACA cannot help if you have an FHA loan”. We do in fact get modifications for homeowners with FHA loans every day. FHA however is more difficult to work with because of their stricter guidelines for modification, which does prevent some homeowners from getting modifications who would otherwise have no problem were it a Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac or even a private investor mortgage. One common example is a loan that is more than 12 months past due. FHA will not offer any sort of modification whatsoever, even though there is no such restriction with other investors. We have been fighting with FHA/HUD over this for quite some time, urging them to ease their restirctive modification rules.

      In any case, there is never a gurarantee of a modification, regardless who the investor or servicer is on your mortgage. If you are looking for a guarantee of success befoe making the trip, that simply isn’t going to happen, and that has nothing to do with it being an FHA loan. Every single case is different, which is why cookie cutter programs like HAMP have not experienced nearly the success rate they should have.

      More than half the people who come to one of our American Dream Events leave with a solution, and over the next thirty to sixty days, it will increase to approximately 80%. I have personally seen cases where entire families have driven several hundred miles each way to get a solution and succeeded. If you are indeed desperate to save your home, I would think it’s a chance that you would want to take.

      In reagrds to an FHA Streamline Refinance, if the mortgage is currently past due, you will not qualify for the Streamline Refinance program. The mortgage must be current to qualify, but other qualifications are eased somewhat as the program’s name implies.

      Regardless of how you choose to proceed, I wish you the best in you efforts to save your home.

      Tim Trumble
      Online Operations, NACA

    2. What type of documents will I need to bring when I come to the American Dream event on Sunday in Atlanta? This will be my first event I have been to and I want to make sure I bring everything that is needed. Thanks!

  28. so, i think that i have an fha through metlife and have been offered a mod, but still too high…im over a year behind, so i shouldnt make the 8 hour drive to charlotte correct?

  29. I log on to my web file nearly every day, but it hasn’t changed since my counseling session on 9/27. My wife & I attended the “Save the Dream” event you sponsored in Tucson in October where, per your instructions, we met with the investor on our first mortgage, Freddie Mac, only to be told our income is too low (I lost my job in April) and there is nothing they can do to help us. We continue to advocate for an affordable solution with our servicer, US Bank, who is also the investor on our second mortgage. We are now 6 months behind on our mortgage payments, but they keep asking for updated information and it seems like as long as we keep sending it to them they’ll keep us out of foreclosure. We already had a HAMP, but I’ve been told we can get another one. Our web file says we should advocate with our congresspersons, but you have not provided us with their contact information. Is there anything else you can do to help us, or should we just keep “treading water” until the bank makes a decision one way or the other. I am 61 years old and won’t be eligible for social security till July 1 of next year, but in the meantime I have also applied for disability through the SSA, so when one of those two things happens we’ll have some additional income with which to negotiate.

    1. Hello broncodan51,

      Since US Bank is not one of the lenders that has an agreement with NACA they can be considerably more difficult to work with. While I cannot go into detail regarding your file in this public forum, you are in a very difficult situation at this point. You do have a certain amount of protection from foreclosure while an active proposal is in place, so your statement, “they keep asking for updated information and it seems like as long as we keep sending it to them they’ll keep us out of foreclosure” is not unreasonable. Once you do have a change of income form either the disability or Social Security, we need to update the file immediately with the new income.

      While you are eligible to apply for a second modification twelve months after a prior modification has taken effect, there is never a guarantee of approval, just as with any modification request.

      I am continually advising the users of this forum and our members in general that nobody has ever said that this process would be fast and easy, and that patience and persistence are the most powerful tools you have in this fight. Pursuing your present course of action, keeping your information updates and seeking the other sources of income are what you should focus on for now.

      You can get contact information for your Congressional Representatives by going to and entering your zip code and Senators at

      I wish you the best in your efforts to save your home!

      Tim Trumble
      Online Operations, NACA

  30. Just one other thing: while you say that US Bank is not one of the lenders that has an agreement with NACA, they are actually the ones that referred us to you. Anyway, thanks for the reply and we’ll just keep on keepin’ on!

    1. Hello broncodan51,

      That’s actually quite a surprise. US Bank has been invited to come aboard with the NACA program, and their executives have even visited our American Dream Events, but they have refused to sign an agreement with us. This is the first time I have heard of them actually recommending us! They do accept our proposals, but do not have access to the special NACA web portal that the other servicers with NACA agreements make use of.

      Nevertheless, you are right on target with your declaration that you will “keep on keepin’ on”. Patience and persistence are the weapons that quite often make all the difference!

      Tim Trumble
      Online Operations, NACA

  31. I have contacted Fanny Mae but I have problems. Ex gave me house in divorce. Cancelled insurance and refused to send me statements. I was finally able to get re- instated . Then they sold my exs mortgage to Greentree. They did not tell me that there was an escrow account that needed to be repaid. So now they want their escrow money in 4 monthly payments. Fanny Mae will not help me because my ex will not sign the papers. I am disabled. Can you help me refinance in my name? Obviously credit score is bad now.

    1. Hello lasttry,

      Unfortunately, NACA does not do refinancing of mortgages, only modifications of existing loans. You do have the right to have the escrow arrearage stretched out over a longer period of time, up to five years if necessary.

      I regret that NACA can not be of more help to you and I wish you the best in your efforts to save your home.

      Tim Trumble
      Online Operations, NACA

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