Did you know that NACA has is very own weekly radio program? Join us each Wednesday at 1:00 p.m. Eastern Time/10:00 a.m. Pacific Time for “NACA Radio” on www.LATalkRadio.com channel two.

Each week, the program looks at the latest news and developments in our nation’s continuing mortgage crisis, discusses NACA’s ongoing advocacy efforts for the American homeowner, recent American Dream Tour events and upcoming tour schedule, and features weekly live commentary from NACA Founder and CEO Bruce Marks.

Debuting in March of 2011, NACA Radio is co-hosted by Ethan Dettenmaier, who is host of LA Talk Radio’s “Combat Radio” program as well as a NACA member, and Tim Trumble, a highly experienced NACA Counselor, thirty-year radio veteran and present member of NACA’s Online Operations team.

They are frequently joined by NACA Director of Communications and Public Affairs Darren Duarte. A two time Emmy Award winning journalist, Darren’s experience as a Congressional aide and later a reporter in Washington DC gives him a unique insight into the political side of the mortgage crisis.

Bruce Marks’ weekly live commentary is always informative and is often the first announcement of NACA’s latest advocacy efforts and advances in both the Home Save and Purchase Programs. You never know where Mr. Marks’ reports will be coming from, although it’s almost never from his Boston office. Whether checking in from an American Dream Event, calling from Washington between meetings with Congressional leaders or just before a protest in front of the home of a predatory lender’s CEO, you will get a weekly update direct from the man who started it all 24 years ago.

Ethan and Tim also have frequent guests, including NACA members who have received modifications at American Dream Events, staff members from NACA’s various departments, and have even been known to have a celebrity show up in the studio on occasion to support NACA’s efforts!

NACA Radio is informative, intense and insightful, and it’s never the same two weeks in a row. For those who are unable to tune in live, the program can also be downloaded as a podcast from www.LATalkRadio.com and from iTunes. Join us this week and every Wednesday for NACA Radio and stay on top of NACA’s latest efforts on behalf of the American Homeowner.

By TTrumble

Online Operations Team and Forum Administrator for NACA. Based in the NACA National Counseling Center in Charlotte, NC.

4 thoughts on “NACA Radio”
  1. We recently had a buyer put a bid on our parents house and we all agreed and signed the contract. The buyer is going through NACA. The appraiser came and we have not heard anything from the their agent, lawyer or bank on the appraisel. It has been three weeks now. Our agent has been trying to contact them, NACA, but no luck. What is the issue? IS this typical?

    1. Hello Joe,

      We have expereinced a few sporadic cases of appraisals not arriving in a timely manner recently. It hasn’t become a big problem, but it’s certainly irritating for all involved. I’m monitoring two such cases myself and the respective Regional Directors are personally working on each of them to find out the reason for the delay. One may well be the case you refer to. Of course the short work week this week didn’t help either.

      The issue very simply is the appraiser not delivering the appriasal to the lender in a timely fashion which then delays the Clear to Close. In both cases I am following, it is the only thing preventing the CTC, which should be granted within 72 hours of the appraisal being delivered.

      At this point it’s just a matter of gritting our teeth till the CTC comes through in the next few days. I can assure you your buyer is waiting pen-in-hand, ready to sign on the dotted line.

      Tim Trumble
      Online Operations, NACA

  2. I have 4 residential units; I live in one of them. I need help to reduce my payments, and I do have good credit, but low income this year. I have a first morgage with aprx. 20 years left and also a second. I’m afraid I won’t qualify for a re-fi with either of my banks, and am wondering whether NACA can help me with this. Do you handle multi-unit properties?

    1. Hello Janice,

      Yes, we are able to help you. HUD regulations state that it cannot be larger than a 4-unit property, you must live in one of the units and it must be the only property you own. But since you seem to fit within that regulation, we can help you. You can start the process by going to our website, http://www.naca.com, clicking on the blue “Home Save” button and beginning the process there.

      Tim Trumble
      Online Operations, NACA

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