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    My MC was very responsive up until a NOT QUALIFIED with 3 conditions came back on June 30th 2021. 2 of the conditions have been satisfied by me. The 3rd NOBODY I have spoken to at NACA can decipher due to the horrible grammar and misspelling from the underwriter. I reached out to my MC on the same day via email and phone….no response. I sent 4 more emails as I know the 4th of July probably slowed things down. Called the office twice, they said they sent her an email and copied the regional manager Diego and still nothing. This could have BEEN handled and my file resubmitted days ago. Yet they say WE need to have patience. The system is broken and nobody working for NACA will admit it until they quit. Then it’s a **NACA tell all***. The systems are so outdated it’s ridiculous. It’s 2021, update the systems already. So now I wait until God knows when to get these conditions handled and resubmitted to underwriting. So sad.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)