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    Hey neeky225,

    I too am starting to think in the same manner in which you are. I have been in the program for a little over a year and looking at the circumstances I see in and around Charlotte, NC – I am growing more and more concerned that the advent of the Priority/Non-Priority classifications creates more problems than it solves.

    Income DOES NOT EQUAL wealth! When I (and others just like me) started the program I was below the median income so could effectively buy in any MSA, but since my income was stagnant and student loans had erased any hope of generating wealth, I couldn’t afford to live in the areas of town that offered the possibility of my property value rising. Essentially this ‘redlined’ me into neighborhoods whose property values have not risen over 3% to 5% since the Financial Crisis more than a decade ago. Now I make really good income (again – NOT WEALTH!) and I have transitioned to Non-Priority and strangely enough the areas that are seeing a boom in property values, I can no longer live because the MSA is over 100.

    So how can someone win in this situation??? Those that can live anywhere cannot afford it and those that can afford it, cannot live anywhere!

    I understand that the classification of Priority/Non-Priority is a relatively new thing that looked to solve the issue of those ‘preying’ on the system, but it has effectively kept folks that are well-intended out of generating the very wealth that NACA is promoting.

    I am in NO way indicating that NACA is actively seeking to discriminate, but I think a wholesale change of looking at WEALTH versus INCOME would be a much needed addition to the qualifications of Priorty/Non-Priority.

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