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    @ttrumble WOW!!! Well that clears it up…It’s definitely not worth it at the end of the day to not use NACA’s title company. So if anyone else encounters this issue & reads this post, DONT DO IT! WALK AWAY & KEEP LOOKING! Lol the amount of money spent can end up being equivalent to those going the traditional route which defeats the purpose…We decided to go with another builder further out but they were SOOO much better. This builder didnt care about the title company & they’re a custom builder which is more luxury & no one’s house looks the same. The home was priced at a sale price so it ended up being more affordable then the basic track home we were trying to purchase. Even with $15,000 worth of upgrades…we still cant believe it. Our MRF went down $3500, the builder gave us $1700 towards closing & our buy down is $799. It’s a total upgrade with a great custom builder & the home is across from a pond…A NO BRAINER! I say all this to say, sometimes we encounter these roadblocks we cant seem to get around because GOD has something better in store for us. Im praying that He’ll lead you to the perfect home. Be encouraged! @jaycee28

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    @jaycee28 good grief is the word LOL the home we were looking @ was already over our limit so we were buying down…then to pay the title work crap on top of the regular mrf, it was no longer a good deal…we were still debating on paying it because we wanted the house so bad. The estimate additional cost was $2800 to $3000. I’m in Texas. The goal for us was to keep some money after our purchase, not to spend it all. If you’re not putting up a ton to buy down then this is feasible.

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    @jaycee28 So the solution is that NACA will allow you to close with their company bit they wont pay for it…you will have to pay for the fees,survey etc. We’ve been battling 2 days about this.

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    @ttrumble yes two different title companies. They want to close with Empower title but NACA requires Capital Title. Can we do a split closing possibly?

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    Thank you @nelsont & @kristijay I will take your advice because we definitely dont know the ends & outs of the process. I did attend the purchase workshop. When i click on the qualification letter it says error or something of that nature. So I’m assuming they just havent attached it yet.

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    @krr343 I wonder do all counselora provide a list of areas for non priority. I hadnt seen anyone else mention it. sounds like you had a great MC. If they’re using a diffetent list other than the geopmap, thats the list i want LOL

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    Thnks everyone for the reply..Im going to keep the faith! Hopefully God leads us to a great home

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    Perfect! I’ve tried calling my local office (Dallas) but it seems they have the calls going to Member Services & the wait time is pretty bad which is expected. I’ll keep trying to see if I can get a hold of someone locally.

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    @nelsont you’re right! The $425 is definitely no biggie but every penny counts so if it was one I could pass on, i could apply that $425 to that big one I mentioned earlier. I will certainly have to do a payment plan for that big one. Thanks for answering all my questions no matter how remedial they may be LOL

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    @nelsont Thank you! So regarding Medical collections. My Husband has a collections account for $425 from a Dr’s appt. I read some where that it isnt counted against him but will need to submit a LOX. Is that accurate?

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    @realgarycoleman I feel for those that are completely knocked out the program because they were layed off or furloughed. In that case, I’m expecting a strict policy but a month of being short due to a crisis should be taken into consideration. Adding an additional month to save payment shock (to cover the one we missed) is reasonable. Guess I’ll cut back on groceries because I HAVE to help my mother right now. 3 more months it is 🙁

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    Thank you @nelsont I figured that’s how it would be looked at but I thought I’d ask being that many things such as student loans are making an exception due to this new normal. Mortgage loans is just a beast of its own I see lol

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