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    Hi! We are scheduled to close Friday! Hopefully this info helps.

    7/19/19 Signed contract
    8/5 Signed bank apps
    8/22 UW CTC
    8/22 Initial closing disclosure
    8/23 final CTC
    8/27 emailed our CC and MC asking about our status since we haven’t heard anything since the 23rd. They emailed back saying we were on track for closing on time 8/30
    8/27 final CD (in the email response)
    8/29 we have our final walk-through scheduled
    8/30 we are scheduled to close 8:30AM at the Las Vegas Naca office

    Our initial CD had the wrong cash to close. We knew it was wrong, and our MC alerted our CC right away. When we got our final CD yesterday, it was a few thousand (2-3k) LESS THAN what we assumed our cash to close was going to be. We checked in with our MC and CC daily (sometimes multiple times a day) to make sure we were staying on track. (I am very thankful to out MC Laila in the LV office.) I’ve never contacted anyone other than our MC and CC (we had a total of 5 CCs since signing the bank app). (Our MC specifically told us that she didn’t recommend putting our 30 day notice at our apartments until we receive our final CTC.) Good luck!

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    Update: we received UW ctc today! Looks like we will be closing on time! 🙂 thank you for this forum!

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    For me, they were requested by online and logging in. For my fiance, he had to request it by mail. He tried setting up an account with the IRS, but he cannot (for the life of him) pass the screening questions. I honestly have no clue why. It asks simple questions like social, address, and personal questions he should know. But for some reason he cannot pass it. His full name is Nicholas, and prior to me coming into his life, he put Nick on his taxes. (Yes, I scolded him.) He was also using his parent’s address and renting a room at a friend’s house. So his life was all messed up and he is confused on what the name and addresses should be. So therefore, by mail. I will try to have him create a user again, but they only allow 1 try per day… and to this day he has not been successful. Luckily, I have gotten us this far. Calling the IRS was probably the most tedious thing he has done so far. So most likely because he received the tax transcripts by mail, might be what is causing him to get this red flag from the IRS?

    And yes I agree with you, that it is a simple process of getting a log in to the IRS website. I love my fiance to death, but he is definitely challenged when it comes to their website.

    Thank you!

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    Update: W2s are fixed. Not sure why it was flagged in the first place. Our MC was the one who scanned them in initially. After reading the response earlier, I was loosing hope. I made my fiance call every IRS person he can speak to. Finally he was transferred to the fraud dept, and got to speak to someone after being on hold for an hr. They stated that he did not have any flags on his account/social security number. It was most likely flagged because it was a third party requesting for his transcripts, which IRS no longer allows. So after reading old blogs in the forum, I have seen this happen to others. He called our MC back, and notified her what the IRS fraud department told him. She stated that she will speak to our CC and we should get a response by next Wednesday. So now all we have to do is wait. We are seriously lucky to get our MC Laila in the Las Vegas office. I give her 5 stars for not showing how overworked she is. We’ve had our differences, and in the end, I appreciate her so much. I am not sure why his tax transcripts were flagged for fraud when mines were requested smoothly. We filled out the same paperwork. According to other blogs, it might have been due to how he filled out his 4506-T?

    As of right now, we have no other conditions. We are expected to close on 8/30, but not sure how quick we can get this fixed.

    Ms. J

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