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    Thank you for your response. The wait isnt the problem, i just needed to know the reason behind it because it wasnt explained by my mc.

    Its only a few months, ill be okay

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    Yes, they were extremely rude. smh

    I had to email my mc to get my qualification letter. It was not in my webfile

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    I think its great that you arent trying to get in to an argument, because I am not either. I am also stating the facts. Not everyone who works hourly is guaranteed 35-40 hours and that is just a fact. Some people who go through naca successfully and get approved and close work part time, have child support and other supplemental income. I am not here to argue what the standard is, I was looking for information about my particular situation. In your initial response you said you were guessing. I appreciate the response but I am looking for someone who could give me a definite answer, mainly Tim or someone who has been through the same.

    And as far as what naca is looking for, a hairstylist who is 1099 and shows consistent income over a 24 month period can be approved as well. So they arent “looking for” anything. Are you a naca employee?

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    I understand that may have been the case with your particular employer but a everyone who gets paid hourly is not guaranteed hours. Sometimes people are sent home of business is slow. Hours may be reduced to manage labor, etc. Everyone who has that hourly structure is not guaranteed hours.

    If the income is consistent I dont see what the problem is.

    I really hope Tim chimes in because I assumed everybody would have the same requirements but my credit union does not see this as an issue.

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    My counter to that is someone working hourly isn’t always guaranteed hours either. It doesn’t make sense to me

    With the piece rate, if the volume falls we are guaranteed at least the states minimum wage. Volume is always consistent. Ive never had to revert to the states minimum wage

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    This is all a bit ridiculous. The qualification letter is not in my webfile. I was told to by a regional director to contact member services. Member services told me to contact my mc. My mc has not responded. I know this is not typical however it seems like this is something simple that can just be emailed and I am already getting the run around.

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    @TTrumble, is the Savannah,GA event still taking place currently? Its scheduled for March 11-15th. I want to make the drive tomorrow but do not want to if they cancelled it already. I’m not sure who I could call to see if its currently taking place

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    An event the week after is postponed. Haven’t heard word about this one. However they shut down all schools yesterday. So im waiting to get the official word from somebody

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    So, today I am a bit irritated. I just received a medical collections letter in the mail from 2014. In the letter it states

    “The law limits how long you can be sued on a debt. Because of the age of your debt. The creditor CANNOT sue you for it. In many circumstances you can renew the debt and start the time period for the filing of a lawsuit against you if you take specific action such as making a written promise to pay. You should determine the effect of any actions you take with respect to this debt”

    This debt in particular was in an action that I had with NACA from 2016. But I decided I was not ready and put everything on pause and waited until this year to go through the program. I use to be able to see this item on my action plan on my webfile, however with the recent change to the site, i can no longer view it. Will my MC be able to see this item on there to determine that it is indeed over 2 years old? I dont even know why they are coming out of the woodworks and trying to collect on something so old that I can’t be sued for.

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    How do you show that an account is over 2 years old? I found an old collection notice from 2018 from an account that has I am anticipating will pop up on my report once I begin this process. Typically I would assume that showing this old account on a previous credit report would prove that it is over 2 years old, however, I don’t have that old report. I only have the old collections letter dated 1/2018. Will this suffice as proof?

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    @nelsont….if you read the entire post, you would see that I did not reference a 6 month delay. So, in fact, I did not ask the same question. Thank you

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    I went back and found the post:

    Hello aknox1911,

    If the medical bill was an emergency and was beyond your reasonable control, then you may be able to ask for an exception from the National Director of Underwriting. Your Home Buyer’s Workbook notes, “Unaffordable medical bills – since your ability to pay is not and should not be a consideration in obtaining needed medical care, late medical bills are more a reflection of our dysfunctional medical system than of your readiness for home ownership”.

    ☆☆☆Additionally, was the bill reported by the original creditor or by a collection agency? If it was a collection agency, paying it off will give you a delay of probably six months, but doubtful it would be next March.☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

    In any event, you’ll need to get it paid off unless you can get the emergency exception since it has been reported as active during the past 24 months.

    Tim Trumble
    Online Operations, NACA


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    This was not answered in a different post. Remember to be respectful and if you feel you cant, please refrain from responding to my posts.

    I search up and down this forum with keywords related to my specific situation. Upon that search, I saw TIM TRUMBLE say someone had to wait 6 months after a medical bill was paid in order to be cleared for qualification, hence my question on this post.

    Things change all the time and theres is no harm in asking questions when it comes to what i need for my situation.

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    Both of the bills combined are about $1,000. I got them in 2019 after a trip to the emergency room.

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    Yep. Already paid the 50%

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