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    Well false alarm. I called member services today and he still hasn’t submitted anything back to the underwriter. So it was the same pattern, he sent me an email, stopped communicating and didn’t touch my file smh.

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    Today I reached out to member services and he told them that he’d call and provide me with an update. He sent an email asking for my checking account statements. I was already online so i emailed them back to him within 60 seconds. My status has now changed to qualification pending. We have some movement!!

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    @southflorida thanks for the feedback. I send a daily email and I reach out to member services every other day. He either sends me 1 email after I reach out to member services and become silent again, or he does not respond at all. I plan on spending the day at the office on Friday waiting until he becomes available to talk to me. I’ll keep the timeline updated!

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    @BakertheBaker great advice! I’m reaching out daily and not giving up. I know the program is worth the effort!

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    @Al92 That is awesome congrats on having the lender conditions addressed! Just a piece of advice from my situation, call member services and ask them if your MC responded to the conditions. My MC told me that he was responding to mine last Wednesday. The conditions disappeared to where I could no longer see them but my status didn’t change, so I was under the impression that he had actually addressed them as he said. I called member services Monday and found out that he hadn’t touched my file since the beginning of April. I’m sure your situation is different but just wanted to provide that insight to help.

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    CONGRATS on closing! You give us hope!!

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    Thanks @BakertheBaker. The process seemed to move quickly until it was time to actually get qualified. I just hate to keep calling member services and CC’ing his manager because I don’t want to come across as too assertive and have it back fire on me by him not doing anything with my file. I’ll keep this forum updated with my progress.

Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)