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    Thanks @southFlorida, appreciate it! So the only fees we will not have as a regular lender will be closing cost, pmi, and down payment.

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    I would suggest as I am doing, take the money he gives you as cash and save it. Naca does not consider “boyfriend” as immediate family only spouse. When you get to almost credit access deposit the money as gift money as from parent or just save it until you close and use it for new furniture or expenses. You can also use it for current expenses like groceries, household items.
    But as mentioned above they will ask for his financial portfolio also.

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    I got it now! Thank you!

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    Thank you!
    Im so confused on the RED form as it states if they require you to pay a fee for services what is the fee and also the buyer agreement.

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    Hi @kirkan1981, How long did your process take at the achieve the dream event?

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    @southflorida, maybe you know.. if my counselor doesn’t answer calls or emails can I go by the office to drop a document off. This is the last document i need to be qualified and sent to UW. I need to get this going ASAP!

    Thanks in advance.

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    I was wondering the same thing. So what number do I present to the seller in my case it will be a new construction. I know even with 31% my payment will be what I want but not the amount, so i will buy down the interest to gain more purchase power. So how is that presented to the builder? If the house is 430 and I qualify for 400.

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    Thank you @southflorida. That helps alot, now i know I will be able to move forward with being qualified without too much worry.

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    Hi Tim,

    Been busy with work, but my meeting went well. I have to complete 3 month payment shock and provide some paperwork (LOE, voters card and wait for my verification of rental and employment). We dicussed the payment shock as being counted for of the extra payment I made to debt. I have time this week to get the paper work I need to complete and follow-up on the verification. I am ready to get qualified. 🙂

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    Thank you Tim!

    Tomorrow is my intake meeting, 6 weeks early! Yay! I am ready to get this process going!

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    Is November your intake meeting or next follow-up meeting?

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    I have been looking high and low myself and could not find any that has NACA as a lender. If I do come across any, I will post in here.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)