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    Actually TIM I have done MORE than my 5 volunteerings for this year thank you very much because I believe that they do need help. However, the amount of time they put in I don’t really feel sorry for. They chose this job. I too put in long hours at my job but I don’t see anyone volunteering to come help me and in fact the long hours at my job and the constant need to see NACA through their own process is exhausting and I must say is bringing on a breakdown.

    I just want an answer to my questions which I notice you have not tried to answer…so I wait for a NACA employee to provide the answers I have requested.

    Once again. I was told we were approved based on the amount I put towards my 401K every month and my current rent however their numbers do not match.

    The NACA workshop teaches additional payments will be added back to payment shock savings because you are using savings to pay liabilities. This was not allowed in my case and I would like to understand why.

    The only reason I feel like talking to the UW myself would aid in the process is because the NACA staff that have passed on my concerns seem to be missing my question and just asking why I wasn’t aproved for a different amount, thus coming up with the same answer time after time which does NOT answer my question.

    If you would like to take a stab at it please be my guest.

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    What if you use the payment shock to pay LARGE sums to other bills so you are in a better position when you get a house?

    Will you get credit back for these as they say in the seminar?

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    Has anyone figured out if we can talk directly to the UW. Mine is the director of UW and I think something is seriously wrong. They approved me for my current rent PLUS my 401K contribution but the number DOESNT MATCH ANYTHING and when I ask for clarification I get answers like “This is full disclousre” and garbage like that.

    My MC is the office manager so I can’t go above her…well I did the other Office Manager Manager and she says the same silly things. No one can provide any reasons which is why I would like to talk to the UW myself so I can be clear.

    I think that no one understands my question.

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    Today finally after 3 emails I got the REO listing.

    Too bad there were not houses in the area I want to live.

    I hope they send out updates when new houses come.

    I have heard nothing more about the questions I have in regards to my approval… I continue to wait.

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    I have been going through the NACA home purchase program since February 2012.

    I had all of the normal issues, lack of communication, delays, my file was deleted etc.

    We were approved by UW last month, however not for the amount we requested. Now ALL NACA employees I have spoken to REFUSE to provide an explanation as to what happened with the amount. We resubmitted to underwriting asking for them to consider $2000 a month over payments we made. They denied and will only approve based on my 401K amount and our curent rent. However, when you add these 2 up it is MORE than they approved us for so I can’t help but think their calculator is broken. When asking for an explanation for the reason it was denied they just said “because we said so” like I am 5 years old. I know it is their decision I am just trying to understand what is going on.

    I volunteered this last weekend and my MC was running the home purchase class, she was very not happy to see me because she thinks I am going to make a big issue with her about never answering my questions which I DID NOT.

    I did speak to a senior MC though and he said that he would look into it and contact me this morning….still no contact from him either.

    I have spoken to people in Charolette because I posted on another blog and the supervisor has been on the emails, he is a national director and he never replies to emails, no one will provide any answers, I just want to know WHY.

    Also, at purchase class where you get your approval papers, they talk about this great deal with BofA and Naca and the REO’s. I have requested the listing 3 times already that they told us would been automatically emailed to us the week after the class wich was over a month ago.

    I don’t understand the lack of communication and follow through.

    We would not get so angry if we could just get someone to tell us exactly what is going on.

    I need 2 things.

    1. An answer as to why underwriting would not allow the extra payments we made to be added in for payment shock savings when the NACA program clearly allows it.

    2. I need to be emailed the BofA REO listing that NACA gets a special deal on.

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