February 28, 2013 @ 8:00 am – February 28, 2013 @ 8:00 pm
McCormick Place Gate 40
2301 South Indiana Avenue
Chicago, IL 60616
8 thoughts on “NACA’S American Dream Event in Chicago”
    1. Hello Gena,

      If you are referring to an American Dream Event, we do prefer that you register in advance, but walk-ins are also welcome. Everything is first-come, first-served at the events, so arriving early is always a smart idea.

      If you are asking about a local workshop, pre-registration is a requirement, due mainly to the limited seating capacity for each session.

      Tim Trumble
      Online Operations, NACA

    1. Hello amy,

      If you are seeking help from our Home Save Program, the entire process can be done remotely by phone, fax and internet. Simply go to the NACA website at http://www.naca.com and click on the “Click here to start” line in the box labeled “HOMEOWNER” to begin the process.

      If you are interested in our Purchase Program, again go to the NACA website and click on the “Workshop” line under “HOMEBUYER” to register for a local workshop.

      Tim Trumble
      Online Operations, NACA

  1. I have a NACA ID#, but after entering it, it says invalid id. I registered yesterday. I had it resent via email and it’s the same ID# NACA sent yesterday. I’m trying to complete paperwork for the Chicago event! When I tried to call to speak to a service rep, your offices are closed. It’s 7 pm CT. Is there anyother place to go for resolution tonight? Thanks.

  2. I would like to know about the program NACA. I would like to rent with the option to buy. I live in Northbrook Il. I would like close by.

    1. Hello Teresa Betancourt,

      NACA does not participate in any rent-to-own programs. We have only one mortgage product: A fixed, below market rate, 30 year loan with no closing costs, no down payment, and perfect credit is not required.

      We have an office in Chicago you can work with. However, we presently are conducting one of our American Dream Events at McCormick Place in Chicago through Monday, March 4th. We invite you to attend the event where you can learn more and begin the qualification process.

      To help speed the process, you may want to go to the NACA website at http://www.naca.com to register and start your NACA file. Under the “HOMEBUYER” Heading you will see links to a great deal of information about the NACA program, and you can click on the blue “Purchase Program” button to register.

      When you come to the event, make sure you bring the following:

      • Pay Stubs (most recent 30 days)
      • Bank Statement for all accounts (last 90 days, all pages) even if blank
      • Self Employed persons…most recent 12 month all pages including blank. Itemized Business Deposits (BD) Itemized Business Expense (BE)
      • Self Employment worksheet
      • W-2 (2010 & 2011)
      • Federal Income Tax Return last 2 years. (2010 & 2011)
      • Copy of the most recent 401k, PERA, Retirement statement (all pages)
      • Completely filled out Budget forms (pages 51-55)
      • Signed Membership Agreement
      • Signed Authorization
      • Signed Participation Pledge (page 62)
      • Landlord Contacts Form from Purchase Work Shop Book (page 64)
      • Employer Contacts Form from Purchase Work Shop Book (page 65)
      • Check for membership and Credit Report ($20 yearly membership & $7 for credit report) or you can go online to your account and pay the $27 prior to your appointment.

      You will receive the Purchase Work Shop Book at the event. If you are not able to attend the event a McCormick Place, you may register on line for one of our local Purchase Workshops, where you will receive the Workbook.

      I hope this information will give you a clearer idea of how the NACA program works. I wish you the best on your journey to home ownership.

      Tim Trumble
      Online Operations, NACA

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