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    It has been a while since my last post.
    I want everyone to know how real and great NACA is.
    My wife lost her job, yes things did get a little tight financially, I even reached out to Tim for the phone number to the NACA member assistance program which I kept in my back pocket and fortunately, I did not have to use it. We tightened our budgets on some things, cut costs on cable TV, cell phones, went to budget billing on some utilities and the fact that we aren’t big on eating fast food for lunch helps a lot. I also have to say that for us, knowing that we had a last ditch “life line” to call if things became really bad was motivating because not wanting to use that number gave us a push to make sure we exhausted all avenues and for us it worked.
    Had we not used NACA to get our mortgage, the lingering thought of losing our home because of a job loss would have been so much more pressing and real.
    The fact that this program has no PMI is a relief in of itself. Imagine being able to come up with a mortgage payment but outside of NACA you have that extra PMI payment which you cant make and it tips you into homelessness?!?!
    My wife just started working on Dec. 4th after being out for over 6 months with a few temp. jobs in between and while all of this was going on, it was frustrating. However, knowing that I have someone in my corner waiting to jump in if I need a breather is very securing.
    I cant begin to thank NACA, Bruce, Tim and all the staff members as we plan another Christmas in our home!

    Here are some ways to possibly spend less:

    Medical procedures: Any MRI $395, any ultrasound $125, any echo $125, vascular screening $95 They are in Ohio however the travel cost using a rental with unlimited mileage is still far less in cost than the discounted procedure rate given to us through our insurance provider.

    Low cost prepaid cell phone service: I pay $103.00 a month for 4 lines, unlimited talk & text with 25GB of shared data and they use Verizon towers. Yes you have to buy your own phone that works with Verizon, I don’t need the newest phone every year, I just need it to work. Another one is that service uses Sprint towers and seamlessly jumps from cell phone towers to WIFI when available.

    Free fax service: I had to fax something from home to a company that wouldn’t accept it via email so I used this service which converts your PC files to fax right online, no download required, max of 3 pages + cover, max of five times per day

    Low cost vitamins: I have used this site in the past and find some of their prices to be much better than other places

    Low cost eyeglasses:

    Auto insurance: I use Geico and for two cars, one with full coverage I pay about $57 a month.

    Homeowners ins: someone I know uses Safeco and pays $500 per year for $275,000 rebuild coverage and a $5000 deductible

    Air Fare: This has got to be one of the best priced airlines around, want to go to Paris for $189.00?!?! Only catch is you have to fly out of Washington DC

    Low cost pet meds: NO PRESCRIPTION NEEDED (meds are from Europe so no script required and yes, I used them for flea pills which were $40.00 less on this site)

    Low cost pet surgery: (my dog needed dental care, I paid $300.00 for what would have cost me almost $1000.00 locally) I rented a car for $35.00 and spent, maybe $80 on gas.

    Pharmacy: A medication my wife is on was $34.75 through insurance and that’s a generic. I got it for her through this service, no insurance and it was $21.50 and when it was our first time, they gave us $20.00 off.

    Eyeglass frames for less: I went to get eyeglasses and after trying on hundreds of frames, the one I liked, of course just happened to be $585.00, I found the same frames here for $167.00.

    *UPDATE – Auto and homeowners ins: I have now switched to state farm as they have offered me a much better combo rate for auto & homeowners but remember, each person’s situation is different. Homeowners is $650 a year/Automotive 3 cars, 2 with full and 1 with basic is $102 a month.

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    Hello zurc,

    It’s good to hear from you and very nice to see that things are turning around for you. Yours has been a very inspiring story from the start. (You really ought to think about writing a book!)

    Thanks for sharing all the information, and especially reminding everyone about the NACA Member Assistance Program. NACA mortgages have one of the lowest (if not THE lowest) delinquency rate in the country, mainly because of how we make sure nobody is ever put into an unaffordable mortgage. However, we certainly recognize that bad things happen to good people, so the Member Assistance Program is there to help when those bad things happen.

    Thanks also for the amazing list of money saving resources! You set a great example of just how much we can get our budgets under control if we really want to!

    I really appreciate your continued participation in the Forum as well. I hope things continue to improve for the two of you. I know I speak for Mr. Marks when I say that it is always our pleasure to help.

    Tim Trumble
    Online Operations, NACA

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    @zurc Thank you for sharing your testimony! Awesome!

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