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    I have a niece who has been NACA qualified but lives in NY and works remotely from home with a big company, and wants to move to GA. Apparently, she is not getting concrete answers to her questions. Either they’re not sure or don’t return her calls. Question: Does NACA accept people working from home in another state while you look for a home in another? Please, an answer from a NACA official or someone who has actually gone through this exact situation or going through it now, please respond. Thank you.


    Generally speaking yes living and working in different states is acceptable. Counsellors are usually only licensed to operate by the state in which they work (The state of New York will not license a counsellor for the state of Georgia for instance) so your niece will have to request a counselor in GA and she will also have to make sure her counselor is aware of her current location. Otherwise she will likely be automatically assigned a counselor who is only licensed to operate in NY. She would then have a choice of being qualified to buy a house in NY only or to pause and transfer to GA. Even then the counsellor in GA might see her address and try to qualify her for NY so she will need to be on top of everything.

    If your niece already has a counselor assigned she can let them know she wants to buy a house in GA and would like to be transferred. Or she can call member services and ask to be assigned to a counselor in GA.

    Your niece will have to do this though because Naca will not talk to anybody about a member’s file except that member themselves.

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    Thank you, I will pass the information on to my niece.

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