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    Las Vegas Nevada


    Atlanta office


    WOW we are located all over the place!! Naca is really a good program. That means a lot coming from me because my road has been very rocky with the program but what I have learned is organization and persistence is the key!! But mainly don’t give up. Do I wish everyone the best of luck THATS still going through the motions of trying to get your keys!! And I congratulate the people that have made that step of receiving your keys, you accomplished the American dream lol


    Working with Baton Rouge, LA office here


    I used Columbia, SC office.


    Washington, D.C.


    Our1sthome I’m also out of the Houston office where are you in the process?


    Sacramento, CA


    In New Orleans working with the Charlotte office remotely. I had the pleasure of meeting Tim at the Memphis ATD event in August.


    Live in NYC, local office is Newark, NJ


    Great to hear that this great program is really reaching a lot of families

    Kristopher Fraley

    DC, live in Maryland. woot woot! NACA!!!!


    Hello All

    Maybe I’m being selfish but, this Los Angeles office is FOS! I received text and email saying due to the pandemic your interview will be conducted by phone. Well, that day has come and gone and as I call the office it picks up then hangs up. This I assume is an answering machine. Has this been happening to anyone else? I had already uploaded all the information and was excited about what was or may be to come. As I am essential personnel in regards to this pandemic with a lease expiring at the end of the month this is pretty crappy communication practice for any business.


    All naca offices are doing phone/video conferences per corporate HQ. With that said there are some (I think 9) offices that are not open at all. All of those offices are listed on the naca website. All of those offices are however working from home which includes LA. The employees do not have access to their work phone or voicemail while working from home. This means they are likely using their cell phones, likely do not have multiple lines, likely do not have the ability or ease to put people on hold or into a call bank AND may not even have the luxury of a front desk screening the calls.

    In addition it has NEVER, since I’ve been a member dating back to 2018 been advised to call your MC unless your MC specifically states to do so. Email will be your best mode of contact if you wish to speak directly with your MC. They also will not answer most questions because they put faith in you being able to figure it out unless it’s specific to something they themselves were supposed to do. If there is anything you need to you will be contacted.

    Just have faith in the system. It works as well as you allow it to work.


    I’m working with the Jackson, Mississippi office even though I live nearly three hours away. Have done everything (except for the initial workshop) remotely.


Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 35 total)
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