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    Hoping Tim and more experienced NACA members can provide some guidance.

    I’m currently in the qualification process for the purchase program. To my surprise (now that we have a great MC) the process is moving along more quickly than anticipated. One downside to this is that I’m struggling to find volunteer opportunities. I work Monday-Friday so volunteering at the office is not really an option. I’ve signed up to volunteer at a purchase workshop but there are more volunteers than workshops so I have to wait over a month. I just wrote a letter to my US Senator and submitted that to NACA but it seems like I’m going to be in a position where the only thing slowing us down is volunteering. What other alternative forms of volunteering are accepted?

    Thank you!


    Hi sswpaz,
    You might want to check with your counselor before doing this but it has been my experience many of the people who sign up to volunteer at the workshops never end up showing up. I had 3 different times that I volunteered for workshops and when I got there was told by the person running it that they had others signed up who hadn’t yet volunteered. All 3 times I ended up being the only volunteer. So maybe you could just show up?? Even if someone else does show there would probably be more than enough work to go around. Also, every time I go now I bring a big bag of pens since a lot of people (especially men) don’t have one on them and that seems to always be a drama at the workshops.
    Good luck 🙂


    Hi sswapz,

    Also, if there is not an event you can make, print out flyers and pass along the information to others. That is a part of volunteering. I’ve had the local office to call me to volunteer to simply pass out flyers for the upcoming “Dream Event” so I am more than sure you can do the same for the workshops.


    There are many ways to volunteer. I can’t volunteer at my local office since it is an hour away. What I was told is that as long as you are spreading the word about NACA is considered volunteering. I’m not sure if active participation on this forum is considered volunteering but I think it should if you are responding to questions with correct information.
    Here are some alternative ways I was told would count towards my volunteering:
    -Posting information about NACA on your Facebook Page.
    -Finding locations (churches, community centers, etc) where NACA can have buyer workshops.
    -Volunteering in the local office.
    -Posting NACA flyers in your neighborhood (supermarkets, schools, churches, etc)
    The only thing I am not sure of is how it gets credited to your file.
    If you believe in the program, it should be easy to fulfill your volunteer obligation since you want to spread the word! 🙂


    Hello all,

    Good advice from everyone on how to fulfill the participation requirement. Unfortunately, participation here in the Forum does not count. However, it has led to participation opportunities for several members. For example, being a guest on the NACA Radio program to share your experience counts. Likewise, I was able to reach out to several Forum members recently to serve as a “focus group” for an instructional video project we are considering.

    In general, I think the consensus is that you can find lots of ways to volunteer and meet the commitment. If it furthers our mission in some way, it probably counts.

    Tim Trumble
    Online Operations, NACA

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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