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    May 2018- went to workshop. Decided to save for a year and revisit program

    January 2019- called to set up first meeting. Nothing available until April.

    April 11, 2019- first meeting; given payment shock details and action plan items. Next appointment scheduled July 2, 2019. Husband and myself personally wanted to spend less than we currently pay in rent. Will save payment shock but paying more isn’t priority.

    April 20, 2019- volunteered at workshop

    May 18, 2019- second volunteering at a workshop

    May 20, 2019- emailed our MC to bump up our meeting.

    May 28, 2019- MC emailed back said nothing was available until our original July meeting

    July 2, 2019-MC informed us this is her last week and will be handing us off. Re-reviewed several accounts. Emailed employers and apartment for verification. Was able to get another appointment in August with a new MC.

    August 5- met with new MC. Gave us a couple more LOE to write. Resent job and rental verifications. Said we should be able to move to submissions next meeting

    Had issues that week with jobs receiving verifications-1/2 were done in time.

    Had issues with apartment signing. Eventually did a ledger of all payments with signature of a manager.

    (Happy with new MC. Was able to schedule next visit within 1 week)

    August 14- received job verification

    8/27- submitted for qualification

    9/3- qualification denied. 4 conditions

    9/6 – corrected conditions. Resubmitted For qualification

    9/12 qualification notice in the morning. Accepted! Attended purchase program that evening.

    September- December- several house tours. We put in 3 offers during this time but did not win any of those bids. Began to grow a bit frustrated since one denied us because they did not like that we had a NACA loan.

    12/13 toured and Found a house! Put in an offer. Closing date on paperwork says 1/24/2020 (42 days)

    12/14 offer accepted 5k below asking price!

    12/18 inspections

    12/19 NACA inspector informed us he sent in our paperwork.

    12/20 credit access meeting was scheduled for today. Meeting was canceled last minute so we left our paper work In MC office.

    12/23 rescheduled credit access meeting completed and received hand report

    12/24 conditions received. Realtor also spoke with Seller and they agreed to required repairs

    1/2/2020 repairs were completed by seller.

    1/7 credit access approved. We went in same day and signed the application.

    1/10 conditions received from Bank Of America

    1/13 Appraisal completed

    Received some emails over the weekend with estimated closing date of 2/3/2020 (from NACA) or 2/7/2020 (from lender).

    1/14 re inspection completed. Got home insurance completed and emailed info to MC

    1/17 cleared by hand department

    1/21 All Conditions Addressed- we re submitted documents several times. We still had issues with documents not received or were lost or needed them again.

    1/24 (original closing date) signed an extension

    Hopefully we hear something soon like today for our clear to close. Our realtor has been following up.




    Thanks for sharing!
    May I ask what city are you in?


    @caycolon Atlanta


    I’m in Georgia too. Got my initial closing disclosure. Waiting too. Hope we get to close soonest. My closing date on the disclosure is the 12th.


    Updated we closed!

    1/24-1/31 no one was giving us updates about our file and it sat at the same status. Our seller is an investor and felt we did not have the funds, contract was going to fall through or not serious buyers and wanted to back out. Our extension ends 2/1.

    1/31-we ended up going to NACA office since no one could give us a simple email reply back or pick up our phone calls. Our seller wanted a CTC by end of day to show we are serious or was going to relist the house. We went and had to cause an uproar in the office to get some action taken. CTC was provided same day. Again no assistance from MC who was even in her office at the time.

    2/1 -seller gave a very tough time With negotiations. NACA wanted time until 2/11. We could only get him to agree to 2/7. We also had to put down an additional $1500 to show we are serious. New agreement signed for 2/7 to close on or before.

    Very nervous at this point. We only have 24 days left in our lease and everything was on the line for NACA to pull through to close us in a week or we would be out of a house and $3500. Our realtor was pushing that she can get us closed by Wednesday 2/5. Realtor also said Closing Disclosure was started on Friday 1/31 but should get to us Monday.

    2/3 Bunch of emails going back and forth this morning pushing for CD to get completed today.

    job verifications -completed

    Received Initial CD around 4:30pm. Signed and sent back within 30 mins

    2/4 Received CTC final, commitment letter, and closing date scheduled to 2/7.

    2/5 final CD received

    2/6 final walkthrough

    2/7 CLOSING DAY!!!!!




    Hello cjax,


    Tim Trumble
    Online Operations, NACA



    Nina Holm


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