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    Does anyone know if there is a reason for the delay in UW the last couple of weeks? We were initially submitted for pre approval about 3 weeks ago, heard back with some additional conditions within a couple days, and sent in the requested info within hours. To my knowledge we were re submitted Friday the 2nd and now have not heard a word in over a week. Just wondering why we went from responses in days to now weeks……..



    Could be a good sign they are analyzing your entire financial situation for approval keep your fingers crossed. Or they haven’t gotten to it and other situations like closing dates etc… needed to take presidence over your file. Just email your Mc requesting a quick
    Update. Also the Naca chat could
    Provide you an overview of your file status. I hope this helps


    That crossed my mind while trying to stay optimistic thst msybe the delay was a good delay. That would be a glimmer of hope in this entire situation. I’ve bugged my MC quite a bit about it. Almost every other day. I kind of felt like if i left it alone for a few days, he might be more inclined to go the extra mile if I wasn’t constantly bugging him. I have yet another phone conference scheduled for tomorrow (tuesday) night. It’s been s weekly thing the way this UW has been. It will be a much easier pill to swallow if after almost two weeks we finally get a pre approval as opposed to him coming back with something totally trivial after having that long to review it. Then knowing it will probably be another two weeks to get him to look at it again………..



    Hello cyclonekick18,

    First, thank you for being patient!!!!

    It may well be a thorough review of the file. However, I can tell you that a part of it at least is that several of our underwriters are involved with the “Achieve the Dream” Events in Charlotte last week and this week in Miami, which of course places an even bigger load on the underwriters who stayed behind.

    Hang in there and stay optimistic.

    Tim Trumble
    Online Operations, NACA


    Hi Tim,

    Thanks so much for the insight. We finally heard back from UW this past Wed and it turns out the original UW was on vaca so our file ended up being reviewed by another UW who agreed with the first UW. They want to see all of Feb’s bills paid before they would approve us. They are basing this off of an bankruptcy from 6 years ago and missed payments from 2016. Neither of which as far as i understand it should matter based on NACAs requirements (12 months on time payments and MRF). Luckily there’s only one bill left to pay next week and hopefully once we show proof of that we’ll have our letter March 1st, a month after going back and forth and the UW changing the rules several times…..

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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