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    Hoping you get that CTC soon @Vasumo! If you don’t get that CTC today you probably will need an extension. Maybe ask them if they can escalate your file seeing as how your closing is scheduled in 2 days?

    Yesterday our file updated from “ACA: NACA follow up” to this:
    “Lender Status: Underwriting – Bank of America’s underwriter is reviewing file for initial credit decision.”

    The phrase ‘initial credit decision’ seems kind of odd, I think our file has gone in an odd order at times. I am not sure if we technically ever received the commitment letter but we got an initial disclosure mailed to us last week then an updated one yesterday in the mail dated 10/29.

    I called the mortgage department yesterday and I guess we are waiting on updated title information from the title company as they had the wrong purchase price in there. He said yesterday that it should arrive “either today or tomorrow.” If I don’t see anything in the next few hours I will probably call them again.

    We got an email from our attorney yesterday asking our seller for a one week extension, which hopefully they accept. I am still fairly confident we can close on time on 11/12, however.


    I have faith in your situation.


    Intake meeting was January 17th
    Verification sheets Feb. 15th
    Submitted for approval Feb. 26
    Conditions given Mar 4
    Qualified Mar. 8

Viewing 3 posts - 31 through 33 (of 33 total)
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