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    Hi Everyone,

    What does it mean when your MC says underwriting wants to talk to the regional manager about your file? I did everything they asked and was told I will be qualified but now I get an email say underwriter wants to talk to regional manager.


    It could mean literally anything from they can’t sign until they do to there might be a clerical error to they aren’t sure about something to literally everything in between. This is more information than we typically get and I wouldn’t be surprised if it means nothing to you. It might just be an internal process. Just because you did everything they asked doesn’t mean you will qualify but for certain you almost never hear anything that isn’t a task for you to complete. If there is an issue you will find out. In the meantime let the process work. You got this.


    I didn’t get that notification but I am on my third round of back and forth with underwriting for qualification. Back to pending status again hoping for the last time. Just be ready with documents at all times so you can get them to your mc right away if needed. Or it could be nothing. Only time will tell. Sending positive vibes!


    Thanks you guys for your comments. I will just wait as i know we have a ATD coming up this week. My MC is awesome so I will trust the process.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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