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    STRAP IN – THIS’LL BE A LONG ONE. Please excuse any typographical errors.
    I attended the workshop in March of 2017.
    I didn’t attend an intake until February 16, 2018.
    I was qualified on March 05 and went to the Purchase Workshop on March 08.
    I used the in-house realtor who, although unfamiliar with my area, is a real estate investor and incredibly knowledgeable about how I could reach my real estate goals.

    Within three weeks of the workshop I found a home and had my offer accepted. I don’t haggle 😉 This is where the first headaches began: The local office supervisor told my boyfriend that my counselor had no idea what he was doing. Said it flat out. The guys whose NMLS ID is all over my docs. It is NEVER EVER okay to say that to a customer. I am here because over the last few years I’ve worked hard and avoided being heedless with my hard earned money to get to this point; sitting right here, across your desk, in hopes of finding a home and taking my first step to financial freedom – and you callously tell me that my counselor doesn’t know what he’s doing…(I agree (obviously) but that’s STRIKE ONE.)

    I made it through Credit Access although my counselor continuously sent “urgent” messages – including my personal data – to some strange email address that wasn’t mine (and not on my file) and claimed “oh, that must be why you’re not receiving my message.” I updated the signature in all my emails to read (in bold, red letter): “Please REPLY ALL to this communication and DO NOT send messages to other than this address.” I continued to “miss” messages and never, ever received a call from him (although the receptionist knew my name when I called and always said he’d call back).
    I came back in on April 18 to sign docs for Bank App. (I was in the office twice total at this point)

    This is when it really fell apart and all the ghastly rumors I had previously ignored about NACA because “where else can you get such a low interest rate,” became the true truth (Tom Hanks, Cloud Atlas)

    I was given a list of next steps that included “This is your new point of contact, you’ll have to hunt him down but we should have “this and this and that” by this date. Ok, I appreciate a good heads up….
    My web file status changed to SUSPENDED and 9 conditions were posted before I ever heard from my MC. Seriously? I’m certain that you have a standard outbound message to send to prospects that reach Bank App. Send it! Let people know you are there and aware. I responded to 7 of 9 the VERY NEXT DAY 4-21 -18! My initial appointment agent (Hi, MAtt!) was pleasant and disarming and helped me to know what to expect ie, reviewing my own bank statements and identifying potential need for LOEs etc. I felt “ready.” I sent two emails before I got the stock message telling me that “shortly” I’ll hear from the lender (again, already had) and to check my file regularly. Then nothing. Dead Air. Nothing from the lender, Nothing from the MC.

    After 5 days I sent another email saying the docs I had forwarded in response to my conditions had been posted inaccurately. “See attached” was listed in places where docs were not available”, items were missing from conditions that I had submitted responses to. I emailed my MC to advise of the needed corrections. Hey, look, mistakes happen…but I titled each attachment with the verbiage from the request. Cut and paste. Or as my coworker says about our difficult clients, “Push the burger, push the fries.”

    Then I realized, my MC has no email etiquette whatsoever, is evasive and often times curt. Although I completely understand “being overwhelmed at work” – I work for a mortgage company (bet you can’t guess which one) and I am unsure how this person can continue “servicing” customers with such poor communication (perhaps NACA is outside of compliance /risk obligations or they have no standard SLAs, unlikely though).

    Both myself and my agent have reached out asking about a mortgage commitment to no avail. The date has passed and we’ve had to go to the seller for an extension. Again, this could have happened had the MC actually been responsive – I’m not remotely irrational in this regard, I know how these things go) but he has stopped responding altogether. Unacceptable. Perhaps he is out of office. Although OOO autoresponses (as well as shared email boxes that allow for other counselors to say “Hey, you’re guy isn’t here but this is being followed up on” ) A courtesy to customers, you might say.

    I sent a detailed email – shorter than this I assure you – because a key to office email etiquette is to not make your emails too lengthy to consume (esp for people YOU KNOW are super busy). I am brief, direct, and use bolding to direct the eyes toward the “meat and potatoes.” *This is a forum, I’m not applying the same rules.*

    And guess what, nothing. No mortgage commitment (he hasn’t even responded to my agents emails at all – isn’t NACA a “team” why wouldn’t you respond to another member of your team? Four of my conditions came back on May 1 requested that docs be resubmitted. One, because they claimed it illegible. In that case I’m certain that my MC isn’t even looking at my docs. Had it been illegible to him, he could have made that acknowledgement in the first 5 days. Or anytime thereafter really.

    Do you think I’m being unreasonable? Having an expectation of common customer service skills as a unit, not even just one person. If you recognize that your files that reach beyond C&I approved (Credit Access) are taking longer than two weeks to get approved, shouldn’t there be system of checks and balances to determine that the lender OR NACA is meeting their responsibilities.

    AnnieMac would have stolen my money, NACA is stealing my time. And my time is far more valuable.

    Not that it matters but I use to really advocate for welth building through homeownership and used NACA as an example of how possible it was for everyone. I cant imagine referring a friend of mine that doesn’t have 10 years of real estate work experience (and patience) to NACA given my personal experience.

    I look forward to someone, anyone, responding and offering recommendations on how I might escalate my issues beyond this YELPish review. I’d appreciate a status on my file even more.


    Nothing could be more true than this:

    “AnnieMac would have stolen my money, NACA is stealing my time. And my time is far more valuable.”

    That seems to be what they’re best at. We’ve stuck to it because we’ve already been at it, and I refuse to give up at this point. But I would never recommend to someone else. I hope it turns around for you, good luck!


    Ah, finally someone that understands my frustration. I also work for a mortgage company. In fact, I manage an underwriting team for one of the largest banks in the country. This program is wonderful, but it’s so many things NACA could change to provide quicker service. You nailed one of them, SLA turn times other things they could try could be QA audits or independent manager file reviews. Their bonus structure is online ( ) and in my opinion it does not incentivize quick service for certain members. Off my rambling about that and off to some actual advice about your situation.

    If you’re near the local office, sit there until someone talks to you. According to Tim if you go to the office someone is required to see you. Call member services DAILY and ask them if there are any outstanding conditions on your file and if so ask if they have been responded to. If your MC doesn’t answer , start escalating and make sure you email EVERYTHING. I kept one chain going with my MC at all times and often copy and pasted questions I already answered through the email.

    Good luck.


    @BostonNorth2018 Wholeheartedly agree! Had my initial rep or agent even remotely behaved the way the NACA counselors at this stage have, I would withdrawn my application and taken my talents to south beach. But I guarantee NACA relies heavily (at least in part) on the business model of overseas eBay sellers i.e., “we’ll get the money and they’ll be too tired and bummed out to fight back” (I admit that may be a slight (only slight) exaggeration.

    Cheers! NACA is truly founded on a wonderful concept. However, as we understand, action is just as important as intention. Unfortunately, I live in Central Jersey – my “local office” is in Philadelphia – a long “trafficky” hour-ish drive away, that ends on a one way street with no parking (I’d ask questions about how the site locations are chosen but lets not get me started). On the three occasions that I’ve been to the office (initial appt, credit access, signing for Bank App) I’ve been made to sit for more than an hour :: this is when I’ve had an appointment. Actually, at bank app I sat for an hour, then was handed my application packet (40+ pages) and told to “only sign what makes sense<” Seriously? I could not in good conscience recommend this place to someone that didn’t have as much mortgage experience as I do because this program offers very, very little guidance. And no tech support – the web file is a technological comedy of errors. (Can we post screenshots here?)

    I will absolutely take your advice re: calling member services DAILY and escalating. I’ll be honest, I hesitated to email the person my local office supervisor remarked was “the big boss” because I’m concerned it will backfire and they’ll “unqualify me” – look, I lived (and worked) through the “modification massacre circa 2010”

    But I gotta do what I gotta do I guess.


    Thanks all for sharing your experiences. During my NACA interactions I also felt the need that there is so much to improve in this wonderful program. Only if the tech is developed to work with customers and employees in (even slightly) high efficiency, NACA sales can skyrocket. If sales pitch doesn’t work, how about maximizing the outreach and helping out people and achieving NACA’s primary goal by improving the front and back-end of the NACAlynx platform?


    @Pratik I would love to see NACA reach more and more borrowers but they cant seem to handle the current volume – this is across their regions! – A lot to do with @Searching4Homes comments, there is hardly any incentive for the agents to enact better follow-through or supervisors to offer better project management systems training. (I am a Project Manager at my mortgage company). The fundamentals of project management are not rocket science but are not implemented in the NACA offices. Look, commissions often make people greedy which is why NACA exists in the first place. This brings us to a whole ‘nother topic of living wage and the torment of capitalism and that’s a tangent that is uncalled for here, lol.

    But with that being said, who would want to leave there lives, their families lives, their financial freedom in the hands of a team like this?

    Calling Member Services as we speak….


    @FutileEnterprise, since you are involved in mortgages, what do you think of blockchain technology or alike in developing shared contracts which would make the process faster and efficient? @ttrumble, we would love to hear your comments on the steps NACA is taking towards efficiency! Thanks, P


    I don’t want this topic to become convoluted with tech talk so as not to bore the people that are here to find relief from the anxiety their relationship with NACA has/is caused.

    – Of course! Blockchain is the best thing to happen to communication since the internet. However, its too great an undertaking for NACA who is clearly limited in their abilities as it is. From the supervisor at my local office directly “We’ve been going paperless for almost two years now.” Again, seriously?

    My MC had a WB Mason under his desk that he threw docs into… I said that doesn’t seem secure. He said at the end of the day I’ll shred them over there – and pointed to a shredder. This is common practice, I’m not saying they are doing anything illegal in that regard by any means but they don’t have designated shred bins, I don’t expect them to hire techgeeks to overhaul their systems.

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