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    There’s so many of us that feel like we need questions answered right away, even when in most cases, it’s just impatience on our part. I have not closed yet & I once found myself impatient with the NACA process since my timelines were not ‘exact’ with the NACA workbook policies; however, I am absolutely blessed to be able to have an opportunity to be a NACA member and to have the online help of Tim Trumble and his fellow helpers that scrape this forum from top to bottom answering the same questions and repeating the same facts, over and over and over again. You guys are the real MVP and I want to not ask a question this time, but rather thank you for all of the questions you have answered! Thank you guys for your facts, dedication, and being extra awesome even when us NACA members are not always awesome to you! God bless you all! <3

    For you other NACA members, it’s important to be PROACTIVE, RELAX, and educate yourself with NACA! I’ve been a NACA member for 1.5 years, been qualified since the 2nd month, and just put a contract in on June 1. I wasn’t always active in the house search, but I knew NACA was ready whenever I was. With the I kept my files updated and always on hand on a thumb drive for fast submission and when I wasn’t sure which documents were needed, I referred to my NACA Purchase Workbook. During a workshop, my local NACA office advised that the Qualification Workbook was my NACA Bible. I literally thought that the Purchase Workbook was the same thing. It is NOT! Qualification Workbook is Qualification Phase and Purchase Workbook is for the Purchase Phase! For me, my NACA Bible now is the Purchase Workbook. My FAVORITE forms of all time was the daunting Daily Expense Dairy Form and the Budget Forms. It literally seemed like too much and I thought my spending habits weren’t that bad. I WAS WRONG! I was spending about $1,500 on stupid stuff A MONTH! Ridiculous. Then I felt stupid for being so stupid and unaware. Those documents changed my life! A year from that time, I was able to save $20k, I kid you not! I recommend those documents to all of my family and friends even if they are not looking to purchase a home. Find all NACA workbooks here: https://www.naca.com/purchase/purchase-resources/ I recommend you to get a jump drive and organize folders for all of the documents you are going to need and upload them with wet signatures. Download the workbooks on it as well for quick access. Most of your answers are in the workbook for whatever phase you are on. I’ve been to the NACA office several times and gee whiz do those people work HARD and LONG! I worked in a similar setting so I sympathize. Cut them some slack if you don’t get a response to your email in an hour!. They are about a team of 10 dealing with hundreds of members in their pipeline and have a workshop of new hundreds each week! Crazy! When you need immediate assistance, make an appointment and go in. I’ve had times where even that seemed difficult. CC the manager in your emails and it should speed things along. If not, contact member services. Just make sure you’ve done YOUR part first. The more you educate yourself, the smoother your ride will be. I PROMISE!

    God Bless!


    I totally agree with you. Since I attended the workshop and started tracking my expenses, I have been so shocked at how much I spend at restuarants and giving money to my adult family members and friends who think I’m an ATM! I have committed to grocery shopping and cooking and telling beggars no! I also noticed how much I was spending on internet website memberships! Those little $5 and $10 per month can add up!


    Hello HoustonNacaProud,

    Thank you very much for those wonderful comments!

    I’m especially happy that you acknowledged the “helpers”, the other members of the Forum who contribute and encourage everyone else based on their own experience in the program. They make this the cohesive, supportive community work far better than I do!

    Both you and tiredofrenting provide excellent advice of your own in your posts, and that’s the whole idea behind the Forum’s existence to begin with!

    Tim Trumble
    Online Operations, NACA

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