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    Got NACA Qualification/Pre-Approval in Aug. 2019, but I had specific (unrealistic) requirements for my market.

    I was laid off at the beginning of the year and stopped my home search. I started a new job in July with more security and better pay. I didn’t miss any bills in the intervening time. I’m ready to work with a builder to purchase a new home closer to work.

    – Do I have to start the process all over again? If so, how long do I need to be continuously employed before I’m eligible?

    – IF my last 2 year’s tax returns demonstrate steady income, is the employment gap a mitigating factor in restarting ASAP?



    Employment gaps of more than 30 days start your 2 year history over unless you were trying to better yourself like going to school or the gap was due to a start date given in the future before you left your old job. Beyond 30 days in your case you would have to prove you were actively looking for a job for that whole time. Depending on how long you were out of work it may or may not be acceptable.


    Hello _New_Buyer_

    Seeing as there was more than a 30 day employment gap, you will need to show proof of consistent employment for 12 months. After six months on the new job I recommend contacting your local office to set up your intake appointment. Your counselor will still be able provide you with an action plan, which in the end is a helpful tool to prepare you for homeownership.

    In the meantime, continue to reduce your debts, keep your bills paid on time, and build your savings. You Got This!!

    Online Operations, NACA


    Thank you for the advice. I’ll try again!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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