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    On Apr 15 4:00 I took 3 hours off work, got docked pay for my initial appointment. I uploaded all docs as instructed ahead of time. I was stood up, no one called. I was told the next day, again STOOD UP. Now I am given a new appt in JULY!!!! That does not work for me. All my docs are uploaded. I have savings, I have NO Debt. I’ll have over $300,000 equity down payment when i sell my home. I needed your prequal to list my home, but since I was put off and ignored and stood up I had to get prequalifed with the loan sharks. Dream Team me please or you have thrown me to the loan sharks. Your people were very rude to me. There is NO customer service. I was so excited that I thought I’d really help bring this to San Diego. I am getting my RE lice now. I am a Cert CA Res Prop Manager. I’ve tried to call corp. NO HELP coming my way Please someone help. Please someone has some amount of professionlism and support what could be a great program, but not administered like this. cheriaspen@gmail.com


    What loan sharks? Market rates are under 4% on a fixed rate, 15 yr mort for those with good credit. If you have all that equity and your house is already on the market, perhaps your needs are better served with a traditional lender. NACA doesn’t work for everyone.

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    There’s a huge difference between 4% and 0.125% though.. And today’s benchmark rate is 4.13%. Having equity doesn’t mean someone is less qualified or deserving of a fair loan. It sounds like the only needs not being met are reasonable customer expectations, and bad service is certainly not an intrinsic part of the NACA program.


    I didn’t say any of that. Rates of .125 are only available to those that buy down to that level. Using up ones cash may not be the best decision. It varies.

    Regardless of NACA, my point is that the traditional mortgage marketplace is not a loan sharking business.


    Nothing can beat NACA when it comes to mortgage. Hands down. Now if you are limited by your income with your options based on NACA’s mission, that’s a bummer but if one keeps looking, one can find something and one should at least try closing through NACA! As to OP, have some patience and be professional. If you are in rush, fly/drive to one of those ATD events and you will be on the house hunt the next day once you qualified! Best wishes!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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