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    Frustratingly stuck. Got clear to close last Thursday, eagerly awaiting ctc final my vvoe was done and now we’re back to conditions because my husband works for the city and we can’t get a proper vvoe done because they insist on using snail mail for this…the bank refuses to accept the number we’ve given them because it’s not a number that’s verifiable bc it’s private for a reason… Very disappointing… Hopefully our sellers are patient.

    Everything was going way too smoothly up to this point.


    Hello Alikay,

    I have to admit to being curious why you gave a private number for your HR department to the bank? I understand the need for some companies to have a private “hotline” for exclusive internal or employee use, but certainly there is some sort of publicly accessible number for them.

    As I have noted here on several occasions, you have to use a rule of “if you can’t prove it, you can’t claim it” where any and all information is concerned. Not just in the NACA program but with virtually any sort of credit process since the crash in 2008. Full and verifiable disclosure is not just the norm, it’s a requirement these days.

    Provide your counselor with a verifiable means of calling the HR department. It will still probably be quicker than waiting for the postman to show up, and we can get you to closing that much sooner.

    Tim Trumble
    Online Operations, NACA


    They had one, public one which was on the letter we initially provided. My realtor reached out to check on our status and THEY asked if we had any other numbers because they were having issues getting verification. So we gave them the number we had. They then came back to explain that they couldn’t use it. I have no understanding of internal bank operations… now I understand their verification process. Hope your curiosity is satisfied…

    They were trying to help move things along because the city’s initial process was slow. I appreciated them asking and understand why things went the way they did. Doesn’t take away the frustration.

    We got it sorted out. Thanks

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    How does one get their file escalated. How do we get information from BOA. My sellers are about to walk and I keep trying to find out what’s happening but I can’t. I realize what I dislike about the NACA process. Once it gets to the crunch, the part where it really matters NACA clients can’t directly contact BOA and they are the ones who hold all the power at the end. I don’t know who advocates for me at this point.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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