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    Your MC will have you sign the 4506t. They have the form and they give it to you in intake.

    It sounds redundant but in order to help prevent identity fraud and tax fraud they want to get the information straight from the source. The 4506t allows the IRS to provide your information to naca and again to bank of America directly so they can compare what you provided to what the IRS provided.


    The 4506T as of July 2019 says it only allows it to be mailed to me. So this is for transcripts only and record transcripts. I believe I need the 4506 (Copy of Tax returns). The 4506 allows for a mailing address to be placed for mortgage lenders to be sent this information. Should I just fill the form out and send it and allow them to fill in the address where it needs to be mailed? Or does someone have the address information?


    So do I need to the the 4506T and 4506?

    I have account transcripts. Do I just need to the the 4506?


    From my understanding the irs has temporarily stopped the banks from sending them the requests to pull
    The transcripts so they will ask you to obtain them yourself and send them to your lender. In your case you have them in hand so you should be good to go there . If I understood what you said correctly

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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