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    Good afternoon,

    I am having a issue hopefully someone can lead me in the right direction. My status currently says “Suspended”. I have two conditions that needs to be addressed one was my VOR was rejected I have reached out to my property manager to have the VOR completed correctly. My second condition states that the COC was rejected because the contract stated 2000.00 towards buy down but the COC states 3000.00. My contract does state 2000.00 for buy down and 1000.00 towards appliances. I was informed that the COC was rejected for the following reason listed below. In regards to the COC my addendum never stated that $1,000 is suppose to go towards cabinets was given specifically for cabinets. I have told my mortgage counselor and housing coordinator this and even attached the addendum to it. No one wants to listen or respond when I explained this and provide the paperwork to them as well.
    “The Change of circumstances completed was rejected. $3000 was put to buy down but $1000 of it is given specifically for cabinets.
    The language in the addendum needs to be corrected.”

    My closing date per my contract was October 5, 2018. I was unable to close because of conditions. I have reached out to my closing coordinator and mortgage counselor to see when I may possibly close. I never asked them for a closing date but for a approximate time of when I may possibly close so that my Realtor can let the listing agent and seller know and so that a extension can be completed. Neither one of them have responded to the emails regarding the matter. I am just asking for assistance as of what to do so that I can let the listing agent and seller no something. May you please tell me what I should do. I really do not want to lose the home.



    Hello @recapooh Were you able to solve your issues? If you are not able to get a response from your Closing Coordinator, you can probably contact Member services at 425-602-6222 and they’ll send an e-mail to your Closing Coordinator



    Also, in the future, it may be better to post this type of questions on the “Purchase Program” section in order to get a quicker response



    Hello recapooh,

    Something’s not quite right here. You never should have gotten past qualification if the VOR was not filled out correctly. Please email me with your name, NACA ID number and forum screen name so I can review the file.

    Tim Trumble
    Online Operations, NACA

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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