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    CITI isn’t responding to my closing Coordinator for an update on my file.
    My condition was sent over on 9/27 ,
    I received my CD on 9/28, and all conditions were addressed on 10/4, but ststll no reply.
    @Tim please help.
    I reached out to you last week and still haven’t heard from the bank



    Ask your Closing Coordinator to send your file to CITI to review. My closing coordinator told me that by contract they need to review it within 48-72 hours



    They have.
    I’m trying to keep faith but I need to be out my place in less than 3 weeks.


    @erika630 I’m freaking out just like you, I’m scared I’m going to lose my condo



    Any updates @determined1227 and @erika630?


    @divine41 now they are stating that my Tenative closing will be 11/6 this isn’t even a real closing date this is the last time i will be dealing with this program because it’s a total let down



    @determined1227 Mine too! The bank has asked for the same thing four times now but no one will fight for me from NACA to get this straight… My closing is supposed to be Tuesday. Boxes packed. Notice given. Now Im supposed to be calm being at the mercy of people who dont care!


    @divine41 I’ve been in this program almost 3 years , and I have gotten no where . I signed my contract back on July 30th and have the sellers a 45 day closing and at this point it’s been over 90 days and we still can’t close. I agree I feel like no one at Naca is fighting for me and THIS IS THERE PROGRAM. I’ve had to turn in transactions/docs several times as well and still can’t get a UW CTC this is really stressing me out as I’ve bounced from place to place when i could of just got another apartment and a new car and been fine , but I was trying to look for a smarter way to invest and save … but look where that got me, with a program that doesn’t seem to care about there members and don’t care if they lose there earnest money or all the money that was put into inspections etc



    @determined1227…what exactly is holding up your file? Is your closing coordinator and realtor trying to help you through whatever issues you have going on? I’m sorry you are having trouble. Posts like this scare me!


    @vonda43 my realtor is actually just as frustrated as i am in this whole process . He states he has never seen anything like this and can’t beleive this is happening , he actually stated Naca is a NIGHTMARE . I’m not sure what’s really holding my file up every time i turn something in they ALWAYS NEED MORE DOCS , LOE’S etc this is really giving me a headache and is stressing me out. They always say the underwriter has 2-3 days to view your file and mines seems to always last the 3 business days and nothing sooner. I will not be working with this program anymore after this. I just want to close and let this be done with already. I’ve been in this program almost 3 years and to be honest , i don’t have much good things to say about the people at Naca , not even the CEO. I really just want to close ALREADY AND GO ON ABOUT MY LIFE



    @determined1227 I know the feeling. I have never seen anything like this either. They make it seem like once you get that NACA qualification letter that everyone else will be smooth sailing. You get the letter and they say “Go find your house!!” You find your house and then all hell breaks loose and you’re practically homeless. SMH


    @divine41 I’m pretty much homeless at this point and I’ve outstayed my welcome at my friends house. I’ve been at the mortgage processing stage for over a month now and still can’t close and I’d really like to know why ? Then every time i ask for an update on my file i seem to get it last minute and today is Friday so they won’t even look at my file again until next Wednesday , so if they look at it and need more docs I’m screwed until the following week. This is a never ending process that seems to go on and on forever



    @ttrumble Who can we contact that will help all of us?



    This sucks Tim is at the event in Chicago I hope he can help. This really scares me as well. I am in the mortgage process as well.


    Hello all,

    I too am going through the exact same thing as everyone has mentioned above. I opened up Escrow 8/22 and still nothing. My status went from Suspended to N/A. I have no idea what that even means. I was told last Wednesday that I should hear something within 24 hours. That for sure hasn’t happened. The Achieve the Dream seems to put everyone else’s files on HOLD. Which is a bit unfair. My 3.75% interest rate will expire as of the 5th!! Rates have gone up! This is a complete nightmare. @ttrumble do you know what the N/A status means?

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