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    I have been in the process since August, needed to show that I could save…had everything together beginning in November. Met with a counselor in november, 15 different documents were requested, had everything put in by my December meeting. Met with another counselor (#2), was asked to provide 12 more documents, half of which had been submitted back in November. Had 2 meetings scheduled in January. Was told that by my 2nd January meeting, I would be submitted to underwriting. Instead the 2nd meeting was tell me that he was leaving…3rd counselor never responded to me my requests. After contacting district offices, was submitted to underwriting, they came back with 5 conditions, all were met and resubmitted in 48. hours…i’ve nothing from underwriting since then.

    My 4th counselor contacted me on friday to tell me that she has signed me up for an. 1130am meeting that day so that she could review my file, she asked me to be patient and that I would hear back from her during the meeting time slot. Late Friday night I received an email giving me an appointment on March 31st.

    I have called the person in charge of the area twice and left messages, no response. I have emailed my MC to ask what is happening…I literally do not know what else to do at this point.

    Absolutely any insight on what to do, who to contact, how to get this process moving forward would be greatly appreciated.


    I’m in the same loop. It’s extremely frustrating and the lack of customer service and willing to answer people questions or resolve issues is infuriating. I think it’s a case of having to many cases and tons of complaints


    We’re stuck in the same situation. Been on this road since October. Was told to go through the ATD event for immediate qualification. Did that, underwriting came back with conditions, but never contacted us. Had a meeting scheduled for after the event, counselor forgot. Had to register for event again just to find out our conditions. Satisfied the conditions and now have to wait 4 weeks before we speak with our MC to have our file resubmitted to underwriting. MC had overload with clients prior to event, now those who’ve been on this journey for almost a year have to take a back seat to the new case loads from these weekly ATD event. Hope things get moving soon. We’re on a month to month lease now.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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