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    There were many days, I thought it would never happen….but as of today, I am officially a homeowner Thanks to NACA! It has been quite the journey…so excited, our mortgage with taxes and insurance is almost $300.00 LESS than our rent is… and its such a beautiful house!!! DO NOT give up, it will happen I know how frustrated you may be right now…but it will all be worth it in the end!!!

    Our NACA journey:

    July 2013- Attended homebuyer workshop
    September 2013- First Appointment with MC
    October 2013-Follow up appointment with MC
    February 2014-Follow up appointment with new MC(Our other MC left NACA in Late 2013)
    March & April 2014-Follow up appointments…It felt like they needed every piece of documentation ever associated with me(almost:)
    May 2014-Two follow up appointments
    June 2014-Submitted for qualification-Came back they needed a couple more things
    July 2014-Finally qualified! Attended the purchase workshop one week after I was officially qualified& received my pre-qualified purchase amount.

    July 27th 2014- Made offer on house the day after I attended the workshop.
    July 28th? 2014-Offer declined(I asked for 10k in interest rate buy down)
    July 29th 2014-Offered a little more for the sales price and asked for 5K from sellers to buy down interest rate)
    July 30th 2014-Offer Accepted
    July 31st 2014-Scheduled inspection
    August 4th-Inspection- NO Issues or Items that needed to be addressed
    August 11th?- Bank App-Locked in rate of 1.125%
    August 18th- First response with lots of conditions from Bank of America-Mostly conditions needing to be addressed from NACA
    August 19th-All conditions I needed to respond to were addressed(One was a LOE for bank account transfers and a LOE for my maiden name, another was homeowners insurance declaration page)
    August 20th- BofA condition regarding appraisal/Counteroffer addendum
    August 25th-BofA requested a utility bill showing proof of current residence
    August 27th- BofA requesting reason why title number and land parcel number don’t match
    August 29th-Original closing date-Requested extension from sellers till September 9th
    August 29th-Appraisal comes in 3k less than offer- Request sellers to lower price to 142k
    September 3rd-Now that 1st closing date of 08/29 has passed BofA requests new homeowners declaration page with new start date of 09/09/14. Addressed the same day.
    September 5th- BofA rejects homeowners insurance since mailing address shows different than property address(since I don’t live there yet, I didn’t want mail going to that address) Addressed the same day
    September 8th- BofA rejects appraisal update and adds that the apparaisal must include the latest counteroffer addendum-This condition had previously been addressed a few times
    September 10th- Called appraiser and requested the updated info to be sent to NACA so we could address this condition.
    September 11th- CTC-Closing scheduled for 10am on September 15th- Had to forward the final extension signed by sellers.

    Today! September 15th- Closed in local NACA office and received my keys! YAAAAAYYYYYYYY!

    HANG IN THERE- Be persistant, but polite and pleasant at the same time…you will be in your new home before long!


    Congrats on your new home homeinkc!!!


    Hello homeinkc

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Enjoy your home!

    Tim Trumble
    Online Operations, NACA

    Mr Dream

    Congrats homeinkc! Good luck on your new home 🙂


    Thanks for the timeline – you have no idea how helpful it is (well I’m sure you do actually). lol

    Congratulations and jingle those keys!


    congrats and enjoy your first thanksgiving and Christmas in your new home! I closed july 14 and feel like I finally accomplished something that Ive wanted for years. I truly love sending off my mortgage check every month!!!!

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