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    Hi. My 1st intake process to purchase a home was done May 30th, 2020. My husband and I were given an Action plan to be completed by our next intake process which was Sunday July 26th, 2020.
    The MC that counseled us on July 26th stated that all was well and she would have approved us if the 1st MC had done 2 simple items on our file. So from May to July nothing was done! I have emailed and called my MC without a response. I ended up calling Member services only to be sent an email that our next appointment would be December 2nd, 2020! I’m in my last trimester of pregnancy (Due Oct) and would like to get this process going asap. I dont know why we’re scheduled all the way in December. This process is making me so depressed. Please I need an earlier date, possibly this August? I feel like I’m at the mercy of my MC.


    Hello Ozioma06,

    Unless you specifically request otherwise, our members are always given the first open appointment available.

    I think a lot of times, people don’t quite grasp how massive the demand for the NACA program really is. There are at least six offices I can think of where an appointment four months out is probably normal right about now.

    This is why we created the Remote Counseling program and the Achieve the Dream events, to alleviate some of that burden and work with as many people as possible in the shortest amount of time without compromising our principles.

    It’s also why I keep preaching that patience and persistence are the two most powerful tools you have in the NACA program.

    You can register for an appointment at an upcoming Achieve the Dream event. right now, there are a few slots open for the last weekend in October, but that’s about the same time as your baby is due. You can also call the local office and ask to be put on a waiting list if there should be an appointment cancellation.

    Beyond that, I’m afraid there isn’t much that can be done. You best bet is to focus on being over-prepared for your appointment to eliminate any unnecessary additional appointments after that.

    Tim Trumble
    Online Operations, NACA">


    Thank you for your response. Yes, I saw the events in October and I signed up for one already.
    Since the delay was on my MC’s end, How can we ensure someone will go through my checking/Savings account line by line (as per the last MC) to make sure everything matches up before our next meeting? She stated that, that process may take up to 2 hrs.
    Also, I will only be paid approximately 2 months of maternity leave but I’m planning to spend 5-6 months out. I will have to go to my other account(not the payment shock one) to sustain my family in the interim. Will the absent of paycheck during that time disqualify from getting through NACA? I will still be employed at my job but will be on an extended maternity leave.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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