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    I have approximately 7 full business days left until my scheduled/estimated close date of 06/25/2018 and I am getting really nervous. My web file keeps changing from Processing to N/A to Processing to C&I Approved and now it’s back to N/A. I’m on the second appraisal from the bank because the first appraisal had a major discrepancy in it. I’m so nervous I’m going to miss a request for more documents that I literally have a timer set to go off every 2 hours to check and see if there are any new conditions or if my status has changed.

    I was wondering how typical it is to not have received a clear to close (CTC) this close to settlement date? From my understanding there are two CTC’s one should expect, the first CTC sets the clock for the 3-day countdown, while the second CTC, which I believe is CTC-Final is the actual “approved” with no chance for changing back to pending status.

    I feel like I have been in this process forever and just as the finish line appears, there’s a speck of dust that blurs it.

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