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    Thanks for your reply, @pratik. I’m familiar with payment shock and account balances now, but was trying to streamline the presentation of my husband’s self-employment income.

    As for calling for cancellations, I’ve been doing that. We were not able to get anything between mid-September and November, but I understand that it works well in some cases. And it also now worked for us: when we were in the office yesterday, we were able to get a cancellation for this Friday (tomorrow), and two appointments this week will speed up our qualification by months. Very excited!

    Thanks for the insight about the buydown. We don’t have access to any one-time gifts or money from friends or family, which is actually the reason we went with NACA in the first place — a colleague of mine who bought before the prices increased 50% in the past 4 years told me offhandedly, “you can’t do it anymore without family helping you!” I was depressed that we’d be renting an overpriced attic for the next 10 years because we got to the area a couple of years late, while my slightly older colleagues were paying less that we were for mortgages on houses three times the size of our apartment. Finding out about NACA inspired us to save for the buydown, and after eating beans and rice all year (figuratively) we’ve saved almost 40% of our take-home pay for the past 11 months. It’s been a great challenge and we’re happy to have done it!


    Hi @TTrumble and @mademoiselle

    Thanks for your help, Tim. The information we received in our appointment yesterday confirmed what you said — that the format isn’t what’s critical. We will line up the info with our computer-generated totals to make sure everything matches.

    Mademoiselle, the instructions at your office may be different, but here’s the info I received yesterday:

    Instructions for calculating profit and loss statement

    1. Circle all “BD” (business deposits) and “BE” (business expenses) on each bank statement for each month for 12 months.
    2. Physically write (i.e. with a pen or pencil) on the front of each bank statement the sum total for BDs and BEs for the month: BE = $125.25, BD = $2056.34 (or whatever).
    3. If you have multiple bank statements for a given month, create a Word Doc (or just write on a separate sheet of paper) the total sum for BDs and BEs across those accounts for each month.

    My MC has an excel spreadsheet that we’ll put all that info into together, so she said not to worry about doing it in advance, since we’ll be checking the numbers as we go along. Again, your mileage may vary (I’m not sure if that’s her personally-designed spreadsheet or whether it’s NACA standard), but that’s the info I got!

    Good luck everyone!

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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